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Scream (1996) movie review

Plot: There’s a killer in the midst of the sleepy town of Woodsboro. Someone has taken their love of horror too far, and no one is safe from this psychopath.

Cast: David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich, and Drew Barrymore

The Good

With a film that has such a huge legacy, it can be easy to overlook the flaws within it. This film isn’t perfect, but it has a bit of good going for it.

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    • Horror movies (good or bad) create some amazing characters. Some amazing psycho killers, and some amazing heroes. Sydney Prescott is one of horror’s best heroes. She actually grows throughout the Scream franchise, while the rest of the characters are just kind of there for the slaughter. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t memorable. Randy is a fan favorite, with his horror film knowledge, spouting out the “rules” of the genre one must abide by in order to survive. Dewey is kind of meh. Gale Weathers is an interesting character; you never know whether to root for her or wish her dead. And of course, there’s the Ghostface killer. He’s become a huge icon of Halloween costumes and horror villains. The killer certainly has some amazing one-liners including fan favorite “What’s your FAVORITE SCARY MOVIE?!”

    • The film’s score is also great. There’s the main theme known as “Sidney’s Lament” the one with the choir singing in the background, and the chase theme music which is always fun.
  • The ACTING
    • It has some solid acting, from Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Skeet Ulrich. There are some side characters that give good performances like Weathers and Randy.

The Meh

    • While the main genre of this movie being horror, it’s also a mystery. If you’re watching it for the first time, it’s a fun guessing game of who done it. But if you’re well versed in horror, you know right away who the killers are.
    • This story is actually based on a real life serial killer; the Gainesville Ripper. He had killed 5-8 people and even raped some of his victims, and was executed in 2006 for his heinous crimes. It’s also based on Williamson’s love of horror. This movie does a great job at satirizing horror clichés, such as running upstairs when there’s no way out up there, answering “Who’s there?” when the doorbell rings, and does a good job at deconstructing horror films as well. It’s also pretty Meta for its time. However, the writing as in the script itself doesn’t really age well. Some of the one liners are still great, but overall, it’s just average.
  • The PACING
    • The opening scene is one of horror’s most well-constructed masterpieces. It’s slow, but there’s real tension. The music helps with the pacing, the editing is tight as well. Every time I watch it I get chills. However, the rest of the film seems to drag until Ghostface appears either in person or through his iconic phone calls. While it can be fun waiting to see when Ghostface appears, it can be a bit of a bore until he does….Unless you’re a film fan.


Scream is one of those movies that’s not about the plot. It’s not about the characters, because you know who’s going to live and die. Why? Because the CHARACTERS THEMSELVES know about this. As film geeks (I appreciate this) they quickly realize they’re in a slasher film. In a slasher horror, there are rules one must abide by in order to survive. Be a virgin, (this may sound racist) don’t be black, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t be a bad boy or girl, always stay together, and NEVER say “I’ll be right back.” Cause you won’t be back. You’ll be met with a knife instead. As someone who has studied film for four years and knows the ins and outs of it, I still love this film franchise. The film is smart but doesn’t act all intellectual. It is a great blend of comedy and horror. It has as many clichés as it mocks, and just a fun ride on Halloween night. Perhaps you might roll your eyes at its meta, or you might play along. It’s a film that isn’t for everyone. However, like it or not one can’t deny the impact it has had on cinema and pop culture making it a staple of Hollywood.

Scream gets a 3.5/5 from me. It’s a fun whodunit ride with plenty of gore on the side.


Comment question: What’s your favorite scary movie?!


Top 10 BEST Disney Villains

A hero is only as good as the villain….And HOLY LORD ALMIGHTY does Disney know how to do their baddies. From ferocious cats, to sorcerers, to the Devil himself, to just plain pricks…Disney has graced us with some pretty horrific villains to counter their heart of gold heroes. So since it’s October, here is my list of the BEST Disney villains.

1.  Cruella De Vil  

Cruella de vil.jpg

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will….While one of the first Disney Villains, I put Cruella so low because of memory factor. Most people remember her because of her song alone. Also because she wanted to murder 99 Dalmatians for fur coats….Though I’m not entirely sure who quoted her on 99 puppies. Doesn’t seem like enough for the amount of coats she would’ve wanted. She’s pretty wicked, but not as bad as some of the other evil doers on this list; her main crimes include kidnapping, plotting to murder innocent puppies, and insanity. Which is never a good thing to come across.

2. Hades


This villain is honestly way too good for this bore of a movie. Perhaps because he’s voiced by the one and only James Woods, whom at one point Family Guy loved to make fun of….even with him voicing himself in those episodes. When you want the villain to actually win, that’s when you know there’s something wrong with your heroes. Hades has this used car salesman huckster type of persona, which wasn’t going to be his original persona. He was going to be all drab and boring and deep voiced and thank GOD James Woods showed up. You can indeed find much more accurate portrayals of Hades in media….but you won’t find a more fun one.

3. Gaston  


Behold the jock jerk of animation. With an ego the size of three United States of Americas combined, and looks to match, this evil jerk wants to marry Belle because she’s the most beautiful woman in town, and he’s the most handsome man in town….What great logic. In most other animations, he’d be the dashing hero. But with the point of Beauty and the Beast being that beauty is on the inside, on in the inside, Gaston is a complete jerk. To the rest of the town, he IS a hero, so when he’s able to easily incite a mob to attack Beast’s castle, that’s when he shows his true colors. He also stabs Beast in the back right after Beast decides to let him live. Stand-up guy.

4. Hans


Has comes right after Gaston (and is just barely better in rank) because while the audience knew right away that Gaston was a jerk and a prick, in Frozen it took some time before we (the audience) finally realized “oh crap Hans is a prick!”. Hans is pretty devious-leaving Anna to freeze to death while lying to the council that he married her, which would make him Prince of Arendelle, thus giving him authority to bring Elsa to “justice” by court trial or by outright killing her. Not only does he try to kill her, but he also manages to convince her that she accidentally killed her own sister…Then not only that but while she’s wailing in despair he tries to kill her anyways………That’s kind of mucked up on a lot of levels.

5. Jafar


Who here loves a good psychopath? Well apparently Disney does. Jafar, the former Vizier is amoral, a psycho, and a sorcerer. That’s a deadly combination. He basically wants Jasmine for his slave queen, so that he can kill her and take over Agraba completely. Which he does so anyways for a short time even without having to marry the stubborn Princess. He even manages to take control of the Genie and use his wishes to empower himself completely. Yet he also has a rather odd, twisted sense of humor, and a few good comical moments with his parrot Iago, who is just as wicked as Jafar. But humor aside, with just one look, you know this villain is dangerous, and doesn’t have time for petty games with street rats.

6. Shere Khan (original and remake)   


This cruel cat is almost as bad as Scar but in the original animation he doesn’t actually kill someone. Rather, he’s suave, cool, and calculating. There’s so much build up to his character, that when we do see his first appearance, we know exactly who this is and that we’re supposed to be afraid of him; simply by virtue of him being a tiger, the largest of the big cats. Even when he knew he was being lied to he just kept calm and ever so persuasive. Because he knew of his own power. In the remake of this film, Shere Khan is just as dangerous if not more so because he does kill someone; he THROWS THE ALPHA WOLF AKILA OFF A CLIFF. He then takes over the wolf pack, and goes to great lengths to kill any human that enters the jungle. His motif in the animated film is a bit stronger though for his hatred of man; they killed his family so he hates them and fears man’s fire. In the remake it’s not really clear why he hates man he just does. But that weak motivation doesn’t detract from his ferocity, his menacing voice (thanks to Idris Elba) and terrifying presence. Shere Khan is definitely not your friendly house cat.

7. Judge Claude Frollo


The Hunchback was an interesting film to try and gain public interest in Disney after the failure that was Pocahontas. It had some studio interference that was clear in the final product, as it was dark, yet had some standout kid friendly moments to try and balance everything out….But the one thing that took it to a new level of dark? Judge Claude Frollo. Holy Lord what a creeper villain. Perhaps that’s why the stupid gargoyles exist; to help keep that G rating. Frollo is remembered because of his sickly slick voice, and being a closet horn dog. His lust for Esmeralda is so great that he actually burns all of Paris down in order to find her, wages war on Notre Dame herself, and nearly kills Esmeralda by immolation….Christ.

8. Scar


Along with Frollo, this character ACTUALLY. KILLED. SOMEONE. And not just any someone; his own brother. This character is as infamous as Disney Villains get mostly thanks to his song “Be Prepared” in which he was voiced by both Jim Cummings and Jeremy Irons, but for the rest of the film he’s voiced by Irons himself. Scar is certainly one of the most wicked villains out there….mostly because he’s an actual murderer.

9. The Devil/Chernabog


Now this guy here….you’d think he’d be in the number 10 (the absolute best) spot considering he’s you know the Devil himself. However, I put him at number nine because there’s one in my opinion who just barely outshines him and is a little bit more memorable. Now that’s not saying that the Devil is a pushover; his segment “Night on Bald Mountain” is definitely nightmare fuel, with him reviving the dead, just to torment their spirits, causing death and misery to all who are near him, and he’s only defeated by the angelic light and music of “Ave Maria”.

10. Maleficent


What. A. Badass. Don’t take the live action remake into account when talking about The Mistress of All Evil. Because that just degrades her. She simply wants Aurora dead because she got snubbed at a party. That’s both petty and cruel. Along with Scar, for a short time (thanks to plot conveniences and magic) she manages to “kill” Princess Aurora, and when the Prince tries to save her, she fights him HERSELF both using her sorcery, and then turning into a dragon by calling upon the darkness and evil of hell itself. And that’s why she’s ranked as the best Disney villain even more so than the Devil himself; the Devil may be the ultimate ruler of evil, and all of these bad boys and girls work through him, but Maleficent is the only one to truly call upon the powers of the darkness time and time again in any iteration she’s in (Kingdom hearts, and in the animation). She’s truly the Mistress of All Evil, and doesn’t have that title just to be fancy.


Now this is all subjective and opinion based. Perhaps there are some Disney Villains that are better than the ones mentioned here, perhaps not. So I’m going to leave it to you guys…in the comments below, tell me…who do you think is the best Disney Villain?

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