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Power Rangers (2017) movie review

I’m going to start this off by saying this-I never really GREW UP with Power Rangers. I would catch the show a few times there and here…..But I was more of a Ninja Turtles (2003), Transformers (Cybertron, Animated, Prime and Bayverse), and anime girl growing up (Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Death Note, Pokemon to name a few) type of girl. I found the show to be a bit…..campy. That was saying quite a bit for a 90s show. But I didn’t go into this movie completely clueless of the franchise and it’s characters. So let’s take a look at the newest reboot. Slight spoilers ahead. Slight. Not major.



These kids were AMAZING. Period.

    • The main five characters who will become the Power Rangers are actually VERY incredibly interesting people. From Jason the Red Ranger, to Trini the Yellow Ranger, each are actually troubled kids who are facing real world issues with actual attitude. You feel for the Asian character-the Black Ranger Zack-during his story at the campfire scene. I particularly liked Jason and Billy the most. Billy is on the Autism Spectrum-he actually outright states it himself-and Trini is potentially bi-sexual or lesbian. I’m pretty sure she’s just lesbian but it was never really confirmed in the film. I’m not quite sure why but when this was revealed in the famed campfire scene this moment got a few laughs out of my audience.
      • Rita Repulsa was delightfully fun and campy-but her tone caused some tonal dissonance in the film-with Cranston as Zordon being Cranston and kind of Heisenberg-ing it up a bit, and the kids really wanted to prove themselves she kind of stands out. In a not really good way. I did like that she started out as a Ranger-it gave Zordon his own nice character arc. All of the kids had really nice arcs. IN. A. POWER RANGERS MOVIE. My God.
  • The ACTION 
    • From the cool training montages to when they’re in the actual suits-and they get actual ARMOR this time-and kicking ass against Rita, heck even their first “fight” against Rita where she kicks ass against the Rangers, the fight scenes are cool to watch. Beware though-they don’t put on the ACTUAL POWER RANGER SUITS until about the third act, and pretty late into the third act at that. You only see the suits in the very beginning, and the very end. Is the wait worth it? Ehhh. It’s not as good a pay off as Godzilla 2014, and Michael Bay knew at least to show the Transformers themselves pretty early on-Bumblebee makes his appearance in the beginning of the second act of the first film, and the rest of the Autobot crew come in at around the half way point. Just to give you readers an idea of what to expect. If you’re fans the lack of the suits might just piss you off-but hopefully the characters are interesting enough to keep you fulfilled.
    • Not much to say here but I just really liked the soundtrack here-from the lyrical score to the actual musical scores, it’s as fun as the movie. They even put in the “Go go power rangers” theme in there. And that line too for that matter.

The MEH 

  • The PACING 
    • The pacing and editing could use some work. The origin story is nice at the beginning-we get to see a new variation of the MANY iterations of Power Rangers. But then just as suddenly we are introduced to the Red Ranger Jason. There’s no real cut or transition. Even the TITLE is to the lower right side of the screen rather than in the center. I just found that odd. The pacing as a bit all over the place I felt-it’s ok but could use some tightening here and there. The ending is nice though-it leaves it open to a sequel and I think I’d actually like to see a series of these films. See where it goes.

The BAD 

    • Oh…..Good lord. I know this is Power Rangers. I know they’ve said things like “catch ya on the flip side”. But….One of the first things the new characters say is an udder joke….About a cow. And people in my audience actually laughed at a dick. Cow joke. Dammit Hollywood. The dialogue from the teens isn’t so bad, but from the rest of the cast….It’s just awkward. And it borders on michael bay territory sometimes.
  • The CGI 
    • I’m not sure if this was a send up to the show’s CGI or costumes at least but….Oh boy. The CGI here…..Yikes. Not much to say other than this is a movie you could’ve done anything with the right budget.


If you’re a hardcore fan of Power Rangers…..I’m not actually sure this might be for you. They don’t put on the suits until late in the third act, so you only see the suits twice. Rita is a bunch of fun, and Brian Cranston as Zordon is amazing. Alpha 5 is a nice upgrade from the show-I thought he was super annoying there. The characters are amazing. They really are……..For Power Rangers. The action scenes are cool, the pacing is awkward, the cgi is terrible, the soundtrack is nice. But for me, what makes the movie work, and kept me invested, were the characters. I think if you want to get into Power Rangers, this might be it for you-it’s a good starting point but it doesn’t quite prepare you for the campiness of the originals as well. If you’re the Joann and Cleatus of movie goers-it’s fine. If you’re looking for a fun romp with this blast from the past, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Power Rangers 2017 gets a 3/5 from me-it’s not terrible, not great. Just a pretty average ride.

Who is your favorite Ranger? And what was your favorite iteration? Let me know below.



Beauty and the Beast (2017) movie review

If you’re looking for another review bashing the hell out of this movie, look elsewhere. This movie has problems…..It’s not as good as the original. But as it’s OWN MOVIE. It’s fine. Back when this was first announced, anyone who knew the original, was worried about it-would it hold true, shot for shot, frame for frame, or would it be the next The Jungle Book, and try a different story route? What songs would they add and take away, how would the new Belle be, how would the Beast look like? What about the rest of the castle?

IS Beauty and the Beast 2017 as bad as people say? No. No it isn’t.



Emma Watson is passable, and Kevin Kline is AMAZING. It’s a mixed bag. 

  • The ACTORS 
    • Emma Watson is PASSABLE as Belle. Luke Evans is FANTASTIC as Gaston-the local town hero and an actual CAPTAIN here. LeFou has a nice character arc and is wonderfully portrayed by Josh Gad. Dan Stevens does an ok job as the Beast-his makeup kind of gets in the way but that’s for later. Kevin Kline is PERFECT as Belle’s father. The rest of the cast, ESPECIALLY Ewan McGregor were fantastic. You can tell that everyone wanted dearly to do the original justice-you can tell that everyone had fun while on set.
    • I don’t think this has been mentioned in many reviews. The village, and Beast’s Castle look great, and Beast’s Castle looks JUST as incredible, and intimidating as in the animation. In fact, it even looks more old and decrepit due to a certain little twist that’s shown in one of the trailers-that every time a pedal falls, they loose more of their home and themselves. There’s also a neat little reference to the “Jean Cocteau arms” in this film-keep your eyes pealed. The set for the “Great Wide Somewhere” scene….Ehhh. You don’t get to see the no doubt beautiful sunset while Emma is singing, but instead the camera pans to a thunderstorm? Yes I’d LOVE to have an adventure over there. As much as I’d love to go to The Wall if I lived in Westeros. The Tavern was a nice fun set-it reminded me of the Tavern in DisneyWorld in a good way.

    • This isn’t about the score-the lyrical songs are really nice. Evermore is….Hit or miss. For me, it was a miss. How Does a Moment Last Forever was sweet, and the original classics in this were of course memorable-you know this is Beauty and the Beast as soon as “Overture” plays. And you can here “Overture” throughout the film-from the sweeping views of Beast’s Castle, to little touching moments between Belle and Beast. It’s a wonderful job so thank you Disney for bringing Alen Menken into the fold once again.
  • The STORY
    • The story is well…..It’s the original. With a few little minor changes thrown in. Some say half assed, some say without magic, for me…..It was fine. The change in the spell…DARK. It’s DARK. And goes there too.

The MEH 

  • The PACING 
    • This movie has some serious pacing issues. There are a couple editing issues as well-during the song “Gaston” you can hardly here what Gad is singing because the music was edited to be too loud. There were some oddly put in “Fade to black scenes” that kind of come from nowhere. And in the beginning when the Beast spoke it felt kind of rushed or odd. Nothing seemed to happen naturally-because of a bad in the film.
    • Remember when the world got ALL UP IN ARMS over LeFou being gay? It’s TWO. SECONDS. LONG. It’s a dancing scene at the end, it’s a PASSING GLANCE. That’s it. No need to get a bunch of panties in a twist. There’s also quite a few interracial relationships in the film as well; why no one mentions that I’ve no idea.


    • Yep….Getting on board this train. I did NOT like the designs of the servants-Lumiere was kind of ok, until he gets his closeups. Mrs Potts and Chip were just disturbing, and Beast…How do I put this? He looks like he’s TRYING to show emotion but can’t because of the makeup. His closeups and extreme closeups freaked me out a bit. When he sings in “Something There” the voice also didn’t quite fit his look.
  • Some of The ADDED INS 
    • Some of the things added in worked. Others….Less so. The Enchantress makes more appearances………….Which in turns creates problems for the entire plot. There’s also a scene with a book, and Belle and Beast-it helps showing what happens to Belle’s mother-damn that’s rough but makes sense for the time period they’re in AND it gives more character to the Beast when he realizes what happened first-BUT it’s never mentioned again and they never use this thing again and it’s just for backstory purposes.
    • Not all of the cinematography is bad. But for some reason when ever they were in Belle’s room the damn ceiling was always blurred-only showing the nice pretty gold decorations in the room.


For some, those going in with the mindset of “it’s going to suck” it will suck. For those on the fence, there will be moments you like, moments you hate. For those who are all “Disney does no wrong” this is for you. There ARE some issues with this film. It’s not as good as the original. But it’s not pure cash grab trash either-they tried and you can see the respect Disney has for the original in this. It also DOES make one appreciate the original much more. But this also gives you something else as well. It’s not for everyone, but Disney isn’t stopping these remakes anytime soon-Mulan is next, along with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid as rumor has it. Will they be any good? Only time will tell.

Beauty and the Beast gets a 4.5/5 from me. It’s not as good, but this tale as old as time, isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Be their guest and find out for yourself.


Transformers (2007) movie review

It’s on my favorite movies of all time list….I’ve often hailed it as the best of the life action Bayverse movies (not that that’s saying much) and I’ve said that in terms of what gets green lit, sound editing, sound mixing….It changed a lot. And it did. Transformers was a game changer in film. This was a time when we were trying to figure out what the audience would want in film after the horrors of 9/11. Even though this was the mid 2000s….And as we all know (I’m talking those who actually grew up in it)….The mid 2000s sucked. People were not as interested in film as they once were, and the concept of BOOM to get butts in seats just wasn’t enough….And then comes along Michael Bay. So….here we are.


Transformers 2007 in hindi dual audio Direct Download 4.png

For the time, these guys looked pretty real, and at least Prime looked badass.

    • Gotta talk about these guys first. If you could imagine the hard work and time and effort it took to create these ancient metallic beings I bet more would respect at least the technical side of the film. Optimus Prime himself had over 10,000 moving parts and a height of 28ft. And they needed to configure him and several other Transformers into their systems. It could be a reason why there are only a select few Autobots and Decepticons in the films-CGI costs money. But they were smart in deciding who was going to make the cut. Mostly.
    • Another thing to mention in this category is the voice acting-getting Peter Cullen who has voiced Optimus since the show’s creation over 30 years ago and Hugo Weaving was a great idea. For those who might not know, Hugo Weaving was Elrond in The Lord of the Rings movies, Rex the Sheepdog from Babe, and Agent Smith from The Matrix. Peter Cullen of course voices Prime…and also voiced Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh. Let that sink in.

    • It’s easy to argue there aren’t “Characters” in these films, but that they’re set pieces leading up to the next big action sequence. And…at least the action is pretty sweet. When this movie first came out, no one had ever really seen a film like this-sure they knew the cartoon, they knew action films as a whole genre, but giant ass robots punching each other in OUR WORLD….Never been done. From Bumblebee vs Barricade, to Prime vs Megatron in the final showdown, the fights in this film while few and far between, are just cool to watch.

    • The score for this movie is honestly at times TOO GOOD for the movie. It’s the same with the sequels as well. Steve Jablonksy did the musical score for this film and the score is just gorgeous to listen to. You put on the “Arrival to Earth” track and you will see in your mind’s eye those Transformers coming to our planet. Very few times did I ever rush out to get the score for a film-this score is one of those that I went out and got after I saw the film. The tracks match the epicness and awe that the  Transformers impose on us-if only the movie itself was as good as the score.
    • For better or worse, Michael Bay changed film with the release of this movie. One of the ways he changed film-sound. You hear that iconic noise of a Transformer….transforming and you know immediately what that is. The show “Transformers Prime” used this noise whenever any Transformer transformed. From Optimus to Starscream. Even other robot designs took inspiration from this film-look at GypsyDanger. As per sound, the Optimus’ gun, their grunts and groans, metal against metal, Cybertronian speaking…the sound design in this film is really quite something else.


    • It’s the draw of most Transformers iterations. Even in a show as good as Transformers Prime suffered from this once in a while from this with Jack, Miko, and Raf, who more often than not, are just…there. They’re meant to be the avatars for the audience to get introduced to that world…for old school fans….just an annoyance most of the time. For this film, it’s kind of a mixed bag. Sam is not an interesting lead, and just kind of goes through the motions. On paper Mikaela does quite a bit-she helps Bumblebee in the final fight when he couldn’t really use his legs, and she was the one to actually cut Frenzy in half while Sam was the meek one. She was also a mechanic which was a bit different from other female leads in those types of films. But then there are those eye candy shots that kind of take away from her character. The whole military subplot was kind of pointless and mostly a tool to get us introduced to the Transformers. Lennox and Epps were kind of fun, but the rest of their gang were just there. Seymour Simmons of Sector 7 was such hammy fun but other than that…meh. Maggie and Glenn had stupidly funny lines, but again were just kind of there. Also why on EARTH is “I ate the WHOLE plate” not like a THING?
  • The PLOT
    • The plot….Is not the best. It could’ve used a bit more tweaking so that the “every man into hero slot” wasn’t so……well….stupid. Getting Sam the new car was a good way of getting him “exposed” into that world-it’s how most humans in other iterations of this franchise get introduced into their world in the first place. But the whole “he has the glasses and his grandfather found Megatron incased in ice and the coordinates to the Cube was imprinted on his glasses”….no sense. How would the coordinates go from Megatron’s optics to the glasses? How do the Transformers even know where the Cube is? How did Megatron even crash land? How did Sam come across the glasses if they fell quite a bit aways from his grandfather? There are quite a few holes in this story but….eh. It’s not HORRID for a Transformers plot. no no….That’s the next film.
    • Not much to mention, but at times the dialogue in the film was long winded and just a chore to sit through. And then there’s the Michael Bay humor….Yikes. Really? Having OPTIMUS PRIME of all creatures say “my bad”? Oh….Gross.
  • The PACING
    • Again it’s not BAD but….just kind of meh. There were times throughout the film where I wanted to fast forwarded.


It’s not the worst of the Bayverse Transformers….But….It’s not entirely stellar either. It’s just….Average. It’s dumb popcorn flick movie going fun. It’s the very definition of a “wheee!” type of movie. If you’re a hardcore “gen wunner” this isn’t for you. If you’re open to different iterations of this long running show, you might want to check it out. If you hate Michael Bay….this isn’t going to sway you. It’s not for everyone, but…I don’t think it’s meant to be. If you just want to sit back, turn your brain off for a few hours, then have at this film.

Transformers (2007) gets a 3/5 from me. It’s not good, not bad….just…well…Wheeee!



Top 10 Favorite YouTubers of All Time (…This Week)

So back in 2005 a little site called “YouTube” was launched….and at first, it was a place full of…Lady bug sex and cat videos. And this dude called Fred but like the R was backwards and he had this really high pitched voice that would make dogs cringe…It was a weird place. Not too many people took it seriously….But a few did. And they helped BLOW that site UP. And also make it incredibly weird….There’s the weird part of YT guarded by Shane Dawson, the scary dark side and the one who guards that realm is none other than Rob Dyke himself…There’s the music side, ruled by too many to count. Then there are those that make skits, parodies….Random story time videos. But who are my favorites?

Here are my Top 10 Favorite YouTubers of All Time….This week.

1) Philip DeFranco

He’s pretty low on the list admittedly, but if you’re looking for some news that isn’t biased, that just tells it like it is, Philly D is your guy. He’s a DUDE in a graphic TEE that can tell the news and bother to actually FACT CHECK-which is more than most mainstream online sites could ever say-more than even ACTUAL NEWS media can say. He’s honest, sarcastic, funny, and just tells it like it is. Unlike most YouTubers, his onscreen personality seems to match when he’s doing his vloggity shorts as well as whenever he’s on TheDeFrancoFam-sure he could have a persona but it seems to just be an over exaggeration of his actual personality. He’s just a dude telling the news that the Nation wants as well as what he deems important-he mixes the good with the bad, and just gives it straight. In a time like this, where so many people can’t trust the news they watch….You gotta appreciate that. Thanks for keeping us all “Philled in”.

2) VlogAfterCollege

Not much to say about this little cute channel. Just a dude who vlogs his experience on life after college. He got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that’s tri colored (black tan and white) he  named Gatsby and I do believe that this cute little dog helped boost his numbers quite a bit. He’s a simple guy, with a simple channel, but there’s a certain charm that has me coming back….Or maybe it’s the adorable corgi.

3) Matthew Santoro

Who doesn’t love a good top 10 list? If that’s your jam then Matthew Santoro is your guy. His videos have definitely evolved over the years, from including little skit intros into his videos, to having a character called Eugene to seemingly gathering inspiration from his good friend Rob Dyke in his newer videos. But his videos are all always fascinating, and I do almost always learn at least something new from them. But dude you gotta stop with the near dark tees and black background the colors…hurt.

4) JeremyJahns

Another dude who just talks about what he likes….I think that is what makes youtube so special-If you have opinions screw it you can share them with the world. Jahns got started in 09 with his review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (note to self get on that review girl) and I got hooked. He’s pretty simple with his reviews-definitely a fan boy he’s stated it himself-but he’s got…something about him that has me coming back and watching his reviews time and again. When someone makes a “best of” video of you, you’ve made it and I watch that whenever I have a bad day and it makes me laugh. He’s got good energy-he hardly talks about the technicalities of film; cinematography, editing, but that’s not him. He gives the good, the bad, and his ratings-a system he thought up himself; he ranks his films from Awesometacular to Dog Shit. Which again fits his style-rather than stars (like myself) or grades (like Stuckmann) he goes a bit outside the box. And maybe that’s why I can relate to him a bit-while sometimes I don’t see eye to eye with him, I can trust he’s just giving his honest thoughts and that’s something to appreciate. And also that Voldemort yell impersonation is on POINT.

5)  Vsauce (1 and 3)

These are part of the educational crowd of YouTube. With videos ranging from space to time travel theories, to paradoxes, they’re incredibly fascinating and the production quality in Vsauce3’s videos really shine through. Some of my favorites from him include the “Dangerous Pokémon” series, and “Paranormal Paradoxes” ft Jack Black himself. Vsauce1 seems to be on the more philosophical side-asking if we’re ready for aliens, what our last word will be, and wondering about black holes and human behavior. If you’re looking to get yourself educated on such a weird site, check these guys out. Thanks for watching them.

6) JennaMarbles

One of the funnier female channels on the site. This channel is about as random as Shane’s but just as funny. She makes videos ranging from annoying your dogs, to a series on whatever type of clothes you have on mean-from underwear to your bra. She has enough to make it a playlist on her channel. If you’re looking for a good laugh, or even a smile, check her out…She also has three adorable dogs to look at….Just saying.

7) This Is A Commentary

A channel created and hosted by Tre Melvin and his character Watermelondrea, this is a channel that uses humor to talk serious to the audience. He does skits, real talk, and just random videos. But they all make just about anyone laugh. With help from his character Watermelondrea, this young man brings a little quirk to youtube.

8) Shane Dawson

Remember when I said that YouTube has a weird space? The guardian of that is Shane Dawson. For sure. He makes videos that range from skits and parodies on his main channel to creep videos such as haunted graveyards, conspiracy theories, deaths at amusement parks and weird stuff like dumb life hacks, weird stuff I bought online, and other random videos. I think what makes them work is the weird little skits and back and forth cuts he does during the trying whatever food or dumb life hacks. He’s weird and he knows and embraces it….Who else would buy something like plump lips, or weird bouncy things for your shoes, or literally destroy a car (no not clickbait) on the internet?

9) John (Jack) Douglass

Funny youtube guy
Makes really weird videos
They’re good for a laugh


Those who know me, would not be surprised of this epic channel being in the top spot. The amount of effort that goes into these 2-4 minute videos is astounding. From incredible one liners “Everyone knows you’re back at home going Thank GOD for Pearl Harbor” (Roosevelt vs Churchill) to “Republicans need a puppet and you fit got their hands so far up your rear call you Mitt” (Obama vs Romney which stands at 131,238,491 views) to amazing visuals (lots of historical references in Roosevelt vs Churchill from the Allied Invasion of Europe to Roosevelt’s Rough Rider days, to Mt Rushmore and even the backgrounds signifying the times they lived in-the Industrial Revolution and the dark horrors of WWII) to the technical sides of making the videos (lots of editing takes place with these videos-layering, cropping, green screen effects, cloning characters (this is a staple in all of their battles-to have tiny versions dance on shoulders, in the background, etc), to the costume designs. These videos take days to create and the effort truly shows in just about every single rap battle. It’s particularly neat when they get famous guests to star in their raps (from Smosh and Rhett and Link, to Weird Al himself, and not kidding Snoop Dog appeared to play Moses). If you’re looking for fun videos that teach just a LITTLE something something, then this channel is for you.

Logan movie review

We’ve had nine X-Men films so far (if you count Deadpool). From 2000 to 2017 Hugh Jackman has portrayed the infamous Wolverine aka James Howlett aka Logan. He’s had two solo films, one being just kind of meh and the other…..we shall not name. He’s said that if they ever did a film version of the famous comic story “Logan” it would be his last portrayal of The Wolverine….So how does this movie do? Is it a good sendoff to Hugh Jackman’s 17 year reign as The Wolverine?



  • The PLOT 
    • I believe I normally talk characters first a lot so I’m switching it up a bit. Without giving away too much, we’re in the year 2029. Mutants are dead except for a few-Xavier, Logan, Caliban, and of course the mutated experiment X-23. Everyone is tired, the thought of the famous X-Men are just that now-fantasy comic books. Kind of meta in a confusing way but only if you’re not INTO X-Men. If you’re at least familiar with the story of Logan it’s enjoyable enough for you. Fans will have a great time. The plot itself, is….Well it’s The Last of Us meets X-Men. Logan finds girl, Logan has an escort mission to do, obstacles along the way. But oh ho….Lauren is NOT the typical damsel in distress like in some escort missions (looking at you Kingdom Hearts 2). She can handle her own.

It’s a film that’s more than anything a character study. Which is very lovely.

    • If someone were to ask me “hey what’s the deal with Logan why does everyone love it?” I’d say…..Because more than anything…..It’s a character study. It takes a dive into Logan’s psyche in a much better way than “The Wolverine” back in 2013 did. Now that was a nice Wolverine character study as well but again the whole Jean/Logan thing kind of killed it. Here there’s none of that nonsense. It’s just a story of a man who’s lived for over 140 years now (if you look at the fact that Logan was born in 1880s). It doesn’t help that the one esteemed Professor X is now literally losing his mind. In the world’s most dangerous mind. X-23 doesn’t talk much unlike her X-men Evolution counter part who at least talks some. But her silent performance is just as incredible. You know the horrors she’s been through and it shows in her eyes. The villain is kind of fun….Like a fun asshole kind of character. But kind of forgettable. All of these characters are suffering….It makes you wonder just what happened to make them all like this. They’re very much so three dimensional here even X23 aka Lauren who hardly ever speaks.
    • Not much to make note of, but I just liked the overall score of this film. It really helped with the undertone of the film.
  • The ENDING 
    • Ending’s gonna hit you RIGHT in the heartspot. SUCH a perfect ending to this that makes the film come full circle.

While everyone is GUSHING about the film (well deserved gushing)….there are some things that needs to be addressed….Not BAD things just….things.

  • The PACING 
    • This is a slow burn type of film. Like….A slow CIGAR type of burn. there’s action yes, lots of character interaction, but there are quite a few moments of characters just being allowed to breathe. For some this could be a bit of a bore, especially if you aren’t all that familiar with the X-men franchise or the Logan comic story.
  • The VILLAIN(S) 
    • It seems to be Marvel’s thing to just suck at villains since the only notable one is Loki. We had a fun bad guy at first then it’s like another bad guy comes in and he is BORING compared to the blond haired one. But if I can’t even remember the names of either of these dudes the day after I’ve seen Logan….Not good.


For some, Logan could finally be the film that outdoes The Dark Knight. For other, that film reigns supreme in the world of superhero movies. As for myself, I’m in between. In some ways, Logan does outdo the 2008 superhero film because it broke more boundaries than Deadpool (as Deadpool was a comedy and this is a drama) and I respect that more than anything. This film along with Deadpool should show Hollywood that you can do an R rated superhero film and not only could it be well received but also DO incredibly well in the box office too. But where Deadpool was a comedy, this is a hard drama, much different from the Wolverine that we know from the Singer films. It’s dark, dramatic, serious, extremely violent. But most importantly, it’s just a well told story of a man who’s far past his prime, and not what the world seems to think he is. Professor X is amazing in this, X23 is amazing, and it’s just a nice well done sendoff to Hugh Jackman, who’s portrayed The Wolverine for 17 years.

Logan gets a 4.5/5 from me-some pacing issues, but an incredible movie overall and a nice sendoff to Hugh Jackman.

Unless…..Deadpool 2 perhaps?


What is your favorite X-Men film? Let me know down below.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) movie review

It’s the middle of the Disney Renaissance of the 1990s….The Little Mermaid jump started Disney and shot them into the limelight once again. It was more or less the “training bra” of Disney Princess movies and Disney films in general at the time. Many regard The Big Four-should be FIVE-Disney Renaissance films to be The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, and of course Beauty and the Beast. It was the first animated feature length film to be nominated for Best Picture. So….Is it as good as we remember?

Well…..Yes. Yes it is but let’s talk about it.


    • This was among the height of Disney Animations back in the day of traditionally drawn (hand drawn aka 2D animation rather than CGI) and it really shows. Even to this day the movie looks absolutely stunning. The lines are nicely drawn, there are some harsh colors and odd angles here and there but that’s to show off the intensity of Beast’s Castle which again looks amazingly beautiful and frightening and awe inspiring. Belle is absolutely beautiful, the Beast is large, intimidating, very werewolf like. It brings to mind how the live action Beast could ever compare-there are limitations with live actions….With animation you can add exaggerations to characters, have subtle expressions to add to tender moments, and really the only limitation is your imagination…hence why the Beast looks as he does in the animation vs live action. The background animation is also very nice in each shot-there is the repetition animation that films use, but not noticeable to the average audience.
    • Everyone is PERFECT. The Beast is perfect, Belle is perfect, Gaston is often regarded as one of the best villains if only because his personality is so wonderfully egotistical-a complete counter to Belle’s spitfire yet calm personality traits.  Lumiere and Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts are all nice funny-not annoying at all-as well for minor characters-they stay where they’re supposed to-as supporting roles rather than being scene stealers. LeFou is cute and loveable and his song “Gaston”….Boy I hope the live action film does it justice. Because that song is AWESOME. It’s all about the villains in Disney movies who are we kidding?
      • And was there ANY question LeFou was gay? He was always gay people come on like for real now.

It’s honestly one of the best love stories out there….

  • The STORY
    • The story like everything else….amazing. It’s perfectly paced, and therefore you really get to know the two characters (and minor ones) that you’re supposed to care about. Because we don’t really know how long Belle stayed in the Castle, it makes it believable when you do start to see these two characters fall in love. The Beast’s turnaround COULD be considered a bit quick, but remember she did thank him for saving his life, and nursed the wounds from the wolves-he also saved her life when he didn’t NEED to-he choose to and same with her so it’s a good turning point in the film. You also WANT to see them fall in love-if only to see the happy ending Disney is so well known for. The action is great, the characters are great, the editing is amazing, the pacing is swell….Just all around good stuff.

  • The SONGS
    • Do I need to say anything about the songs? You all know them-“Be Our Guest”, “Gaston”, “Belle”, “The Mob Song”, “Beauty and the Beast”….All fantastic. I would have to say my favorite….”Gaston”….Love me a villain song even though it’s ABOUT the villain. There’s a new song in the special edition dvd that’s….not good. At all. It kind of sucks. It takes out the magic and wonder of the castle as well as the story and intrigue of “how long was she there”? It just adds more questions that aren’t needed and it makes the servents seem like pricks for only wanting Belle there to fall in love with Beast to be “Human Again”….It’s not needed and I do hope it’s not in the live action remake.


There’s not much more that can be said about this film that everyone else hasn’t said about it-it’s just a perfect Disney movie. That could be nostalgia getting in the way….Or….It could just be a perfect Disney movie. Is it my ultimate FAVORITE? No. But I do recognize stunning filmmaking when I see it….When an animation is nominated for Best Picture in that year….you know it’s something special. And this film is something special.

Beauty and the Beast gets a 5/5 from me….Practically perfect in everyway.


X-Men: The Last Stand Movie Review

X-Men The Last Stand is often hailed as one of the worst of the X-Men series…..but….It’s not ALL bad. Just…poorly executed. It has some merit, some good points to make, but….told in a clumsy way. Let’s talk about it.


    • An odd thing to mention, but it’s important to talk about what they get right. There’s much more of Ororo aka Storm in this film, with her strong stance of “stay mutant and proud”. Logan gets a nice arc here that’s tarnished because…I’ll get to that. Bobby’s screen time is nice as we see more of his powers but….again that’s kind of countered by him kind of acting like a dick to Rogue by seemingly building a new found romance with Kitty…..Who literally has no personality in this film and is just there. The Professor is the same as always….Though we get to see him a bit more layered here before he meets his….fate….ugh.
    • Another thing they get right is The Danger Room-yes we finally get to see this amazing training room in action….for once whole scene.
    • New mutants and new powers….We get a whole slew of new and familiar characters from Hank McCoy to a female mutant who has super speed and can for some reason sense other mutants and their power level….Like a combo of Goku and Spider-Man.
    • The Action is another thing they get right. From the Danger Room right in the beginning to the final fight at Alcatraz, the action in this movie ALMOST makes up for the piss poor plot. Which reminds me…

The MEH 

  • The PLOT   
    • It has interesting points here and there but…..oh my GOD. It’s BORING. It’s not BAD. But it’s BORING. Believe you me you’ll find yourself fast forwarding throughout most of the film to get to the good key points of the story. They do try to tell an interesting “What if” tale but it’s so clumsy and badly oriented that it just kind of falls apart. Which leads to a LOT of bad.
  • The PACING 
    • Like the plot, the pacing isn’t BAD but….it’s just meh. It’s kind of a slow movie. Normally that wouldn’t phase me….But you have to have an interesting plot. And this movie’s plot….not interesting. Booo.

The BAD 



    • Yep….yep…..Where do I FREAKING BEGIN WITH THIS. Oh man I could rant about this for days. In the comics Logan had like a passing fling type relationship with Jean-she was almost always with Scott-hell in the films before this one he was her fiancee. So to base the whole subplot of him trying to reach her, calm the Phoenix down, and having to be the one to eventually end her life is just…..stupid. I never bought that they truly loved each other I never bought that Logan TRULY loved Jean-maybe it was just his baser instincts or something but that whole subplot in all three of these movies (and in the solo “The Wolverine) is just wasted screen time.
  • The ENDING
    • The ending sucked. No other way to say it. Stupid cliffhanger is stupid.
    • Another thing they’ve done that annoyed me in all of the X-Men films….”Oh hey look at this awesome familiar face isn’t he or she amazing?” yeah don’t get used to them since they don’t show up again in the sequel. Seriously these mutants pop in and out of these movies as if they all had Nightcrawler’s teleporting power. Nightcrawler himself wouldn’t show up again until X-Men Apocalypse and Iceman wouldn’t show until Days of Future Past. Jubilee also doesn’t show again until Apocalypse as well….The cameos are kind of cool, but when it comes to actually having them be part of the main team….It would be nice if the “side characters” stuck around for a film or two.
    • Now this should probably go into “Meh” but….it needs to be addressed. The whole plot of this film is that there’s a cure for the mutated x-gene. It’s for those WANT the cure. So the whole war between humanity and the Brotherhood of Mutants is….pointless. Completely pointless. You can understand where their stance is coming from, but then you realize they completely forget that mutants can CHOOSE this or not. Soo…..yeah. Awkward.
    • This is kind of a mix of all of those other points above; because the story is so badly told, everything falls apart and it’s all just one big ass hot mess. Wasted potential.
  • The DEATHS 
    • There are a few key character deaths here….Without giving TOO much away…..It’s just handled stupid. Yep….Stupid.


Well….It’s not completely and utterly AWFUL. There’s SOME merit to this film. Some. Not a whole lot. It’s kind of just wasted potential…Perhaps that’s why so many like myself half a qualm with this film….There’s stuff THERE but….just not enough. One could tell what they wanted to do with it, but too much got lost in the fray of film making. It’s not as bad as some make it out to be….It’s just….below average. It’s pretty forgettable as far as X-Men films go. Which is a shame after two incredible films before this one. But believe me this isn’t the worst of the X-Men series….Nope.

X-Men The Last Stand gets a 2.5/5 from me….It’s just below average. Not horrible, not good, not enough to be meh. It’s just below that. For me.


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