Beauty and the Beast (2017) movie review

If you’re looking for another review bashing the hell out of this movie, look elsewhere. This movie has problems…..It’s not as good as the original. But as it’s OWN MOVIE. It’s fine. Back when this was first announced, anyone who knew the original, was worried about it-would it hold true, shot for shot, frame for frame, or would it be the next The Jungle Book, and try a different story route? What songs would they add and take away, how would the new Belle be, how would the Beast look like? What about the rest of the castle?

IS Beauty and the Beast 2017 as bad as people say? No. No it isn’t.



Emma Watson is passable, and Kevin Kline is AMAZING. It’s a mixed bag. 

  • The ACTORS 
    • Emma Watson is PASSABLE as Belle. Luke Evans is FANTASTIC as Gaston-the local town hero and an actual CAPTAIN here. LeFou has a nice character arc and is wonderfully portrayed by Josh Gad. Dan Stevens does an ok job as the Beast-his makeup kind of gets in the way but that’s for later. Kevin Kline is PERFECT as Belle’s father. The rest of the cast, ESPECIALLY Ewan McGregor were fantastic. You can tell that everyone wanted dearly to do the original justice-you can tell that everyone had fun while on set.
    • I don’t think this has been mentioned in many reviews. The village, and Beast’s Castle look great, and Beast’s Castle looks JUST as incredible, and intimidating as in the animation. In fact, it even looks more old and decrepit due to a certain little twist that’s shown in one of the trailers-that every time a pedal falls, they loose more of their home and themselves. There’s also a neat little reference to the “Jean Cocteau arms” in this film-keep your eyes pealed. The set for the “Great Wide Somewhere” scene….Ehhh. You don’t get to see the no doubt beautiful sunset while Emma is singing, but instead the camera pans to a thunderstorm? Yes I’d LOVE to have an adventure over there. As much as I’d love to go to The Wall if I lived in Westeros. The Tavern was a nice fun set-it reminded me of the Tavern in DisneyWorld in a good way.

    • This isn’t about the score-the lyrical songs are really nice. Evermore is….Hit or miss. For me, it was a miss. How Does a Moment Last Forever was sweet, and the original classics in this were of course memorable-you know this is Beauty and the Beast as soon as “Overture” plays. And you can here “Overture” throughout the film-from the sweeping views of Beast’s Castle, to little touching moments between Belle and Beast. It’s a wonderful job so thank you Disney for bringing Alen Menken into the fold once again.
  • The STORY
    • The story is well…..It’s the original. With a few little minor changes thrown in. Some say half assed, some say without magic, for me…..It was fine. The change in the spell…DARK. It’s DARK. And goes there too.

The MEH 

  • The PACING 
    • This movie has some serious pacing issues. There are a couple editing issues as well-during the song “Gaston” you can hardly here what Gad is singing because the music was edited to be too loud. There were some oddly put in “Fade to black scenes” that kind of come from nowhere. And in the beginning when the Beast spoke it felt kind of rushed or odd. Nothing seemed to happen naturally-because of a bad in the film.
    • Remember when the world got ALL UP IN ARMS over LeFou being gay? It’s TWO. SECONDS. LONG. It’s a dancing scene at the end, it’s a PASSING GLANCE. That’s it. No need to get a bunch of panties in a twist. There’s also quite a few interracial relationships in the film as well; why no one mentions that I’ve no idea.


    • Yep….Getting on board this train. I did NOT like the designs of the servants-Lumiere was kind of ok, until he gets his closeups. Mrs Potts and Chip were just disturbing, and Beast…How do I put this? He looks like he’s TRYING to show emotion but can’t because of the makeup. His closeups and extreme closeups freaked me out a bit. When he sings in “Something There” the voice also didn’t quite fit his look.
  • Some of The ADDED INS 
    • Some of the things added in worked. Others….Less so. The Enchantress makes more appearances………….Which in turns creates problems for the entire plot. There’s also a scene with a book, and Belle and Beast-it helps showing what happens to Belle’s mother-damn that’s rough but makes sense for the time period they’re in AND it gives more character to the Beast when he realizes what happened first-BUT it’s never mentioned again and they never use this thing again and it’s just for backstory purposes.
    • Not all of the cinematography is bad. But for some reason when ever they were in Belle’s room the damn ceiling was always blurred-only showing the nice pretty gold decorations in the room.


For some, those going in with the mindset of “it’s going to suck” it will suck. For those on the fence, there will be moments you like, moments you hate. For those who are all “Disney does no wrong” this is for you. There ARE some issues with this film. It’s not as good as the original. But it’s not pure cash grab trash either-they tried and you can see the respect Disney has for the original in this. It also DOES make one appreciate the original much more. But this also gives you something else as well. It’s not for everyone, but Disney isn’t stopping these remakes anytime soon-Mulan is next, along with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid as rumor has it. Will they be any good? Only time will tell.

Beauty and the Beast gets a 4.5/5 from me. It’s not as good, but this tale as old as time, isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Be their guest and find out for yourself.



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  1. “Another review bashing…” From what I’ve seen, the majority of the reviewers seem to be praising it and the bashers are the minority. Interesting.

    Anyway, I like your honest review of it identifying positives, negatives, and meh. I’m really hesitant and skeptical about the movie, so I dunno which camp I’ll be falling into, but I do hope to be able to point out plusses like you did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really? I’ve seen nothing but the bashes hahaha. Glad I was able to give a more honest review-I was trying to be as objective as possible and think I succeeded. It has problems, but I’d def give it another go. The final fight is something I forgot to mention-it’s certainly much darker and longer than the original which is a benefit.

      Liked by 1 person

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