Power Rangers (2017) movie review

I’m going to start this off by saying this-I never really GREW UP with Power Rangers. I would catch the show a few times there and here…..But I was more of a Ninja Turtles (2003), Transformers (Cybertron, Animated, Prime and Bayverse), and anime girl growing up (Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Death Note, Pokemon to name a few) type of girl. I found the show to be a bit…..campy. That was saying quite a bit for a 90s show. But I didn’t go into this movie completely clueless of the franchise and it’s characters. So let’s take a look at the newest reboot. Slight spoilers ahead. Slight. Not major.



These kids were AMAZING. Period.

    • The main five characters who will become the Power Rangers are actually VERY incredibly interesting people. From Jason the Red Ranger, to Trini the Yellow Ranger, each are actually troubled kids who are facing real world issues with actual attitude. You feel for the Asian character-the Black Ranger Zack-during his story at the campfire scene. I particularly liked Jason and Billy the most. Billy is on the Autism Spectrum-he actually outright states it himself-and Trini is potentially bi-sexual or lesbian. I’m pretty sure she’s just lesbian but it was never really confirmed in the film. I’m not quite sure why but when this was revealed in the famed campfire scene this moment got a few laughs out of my audience.
      • Rita Repulsa was delightfully fun and campy-but her tone caused some tonal dissonance in the film-with Cranston as Zordon being Cranston and kind of Heisenberg-ing it up a bit, and the kids really wanted to prove themselves she kind of stands out. In a not really good way. I did like that she started out as a Ranger-it gave Zordon his own nice character arc. All of the kids had really nice arcs. IN. A. POWER RANGERS MOVIE. My God.
  • The ACTION 
    • From the cool training montages to when they’re in the actual suits-and they get actual ARMOR this time-and kicking ass against Rita, heck even their first “fight” against Rita where she kicks ass against the Rangers, the fight scenes are cool to watch. Beware though-they don’t put on the ACTUAL POWER RANGER SUITS until about the third act, and pretty late into the third act at that. You only see the suits in the very beginning, and the very end. Is the wait worth it? Ehhh. It’s not as good a pay off as Godzilla 2014, and Michael Bay knew at least to show the Transformers themselves pretty early on-Bumblebee makes his appearance in the beginning of the second act of the first film, and the rest of the Autobot crew come in at around the half way point. Just to give you readers an idea of what to expect. If you’re fans the lack of the suits might just piss you off-but hopefully the characters are interesting enough to keep you fulfilled.
    • Not much to say here but I just really liked the soundtrack here-from the lyrical score to the actual musical scores, it’s as fun as the movie. They even put in the “Go go power rangers” theme in there. And that line too for that matter.

The MEH 

  • The PACING 
    • The pacing and editing could use some work. The origin story is nice at the beginning-we get to see a new variation of the MANY iterations of Power Rangers. But then just as suddenly we are introduced to the Red Ranger Jason. There’s no real cut or transition. Even the TITLE is to the lower right side of the screen rather than in the center. I just found that odd. The pacing as a bit all over the place I felt-it’s ok but could use some tightening here and there. The ending is nice though-it leaves it open to a sequel and I think I’d actually like to see a series of these films. See where it goes.

The BAD 

    • Oh…..Good lord. I know this is Power Rangers. I know they’ve said things like “catch ya on the flip side”. But….One of the first things the new characters say is an udder joke….About a cow. And people in my audience actually laughed at a dick. Cow joke. Dammit Hollywood. The dialogue from the teens isn’t so bad, but from the rest of the cast….It’s just awkward. And it borders on michael bay territory sometimes.
  • The CGI 
    • I’m not sure if this was a send up to the show’s CGI or costumes at least but….Oh boy. The CGI here…..Yikes. Not much to say other than this is a movie you could’ve done anything with the right budget.


If you’re a hardcore fan of Power Rangers…..I’m not actually sure this might be for you. They don’t put on the suits until late in the third act, so you only see the suits twice. Rita is a bunch of fun, and Brian Cranston as Zordon is amazing. Alpha 5 is a nice upgrade from the show-I thought he was super annoying there. The characters are amazing. They really are……..For Power Rangers. The action scenes are cool, the pacing is awkward, the cgi is terrible, the soundtrack is nice. But for me, what makes the movie work, and kept me invested, were the characters. I think if you want to get into Power Rangers, this might be it for you-it’s a good starting point but it doesn’t quite prepare you for the campiness of the originals as well. If you’re the Joann and Cleatus of movie goers-it’s fine. If you’re looking for a fun romp with this blast from the past, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Power Rangers 2017 gets a 3/5 from me-it’s not terrible, not great. Just a pretty average ride.

Who is your favorite Ranger? And what was your favorite iteration? Let me know below.



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  1. this unhurried reboot is way too ancient for your liking. It drains your power and patience with its constant moralistic lessons on importance of team work, punishing the bullies, dealing with repercussions of reckless behaviour, value of true friendship,


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