Alien: Covenant movie review

If you’re looking for some more praise for this movie….look elsewhere. I was seriously disappointed by this film…but is it as bad as some make it out to be?

Plot: When the crew of the colonist ship Covenant receives a rogue transmission from some random planet that looks better to colonize, they decide to go check it out…And from there we have our Alien movie. 


    • Ridley Scott is like Zach Snyder…they both know how to make movies look….GORGEOUS. The story though…I’ll get to that. The world they go to looks fantastic, very Earth like yet eerily alien at the same time. The wide sweeping shots, some of the angles they get, the lighting, it’s very reminiscent of the first Alien film. Down to the title appearing with one piece at a time-like Prometheus and Alien.
    • Jed Kurzel did the soundtrack for this film, and he needs all sorts of props. I hope he gets more work in the future. Scott should take him on in the inevitable third prequel movie…whee.

The Giger designs in this movie are AWESOME….if only the CGI were good.

    • H R Giger’s alien designs are among the most iconic in all of Sci-Fi; it’s almost a shame nothing really comes close in terms of alien designs. The designs here LOOK cool-but the CGI is complete shit. Even with the ONE Xenomorph (yeah remember the posters and trailers we just get one) he was all CGI and it was just very distracting. They looked cool, but again….poor CGI.

GOD Fassbender needs to be in EVERYTHING HE’S SO GOOD.

    • Without giving too much away, it’s clear Scott has a complete hardon for Fassbender…Who doesn’t he’s hot, a great actor, whew his accent….damn. I’d love to meet the man someday-he’s FANTASTIC in everything he’s in because he gives it his all-here he plays Walter an Android with the Covenant crew, AND David and…yeah Imma stop right there. Oh and Katherine Waterston was great too-the only intelligent crew member.

The MEH  

  • The PACING 
    • The pacing isn’t good but it isn’t BAD either…It just….it’s meh. This whole movie there’s 15 crew members so you know folks are going to be SLAUGHTERED. So the whole time it just drags, and you don’t care about the crew-oh ho…they’re next. But the pacing…It’s just….eh.

The BAD 

  • The PLOT 
    • The plot….It completely screws up Prometheus and Alien-it messed with the lore completely and you DON’T. BUY. FOR A MINUTE. What they sell in the third act with David. I’ll not spoil anything, but it’s also completely predictable as soon as they land on this alien world completely going of course because human curiosity SUCKS. The whole movie felt like one big wasted detour.
  • The THIRD ACT 
    • Again without giving too much away-third act with a big reveal…the revelation sucks you don’t buy it- and the ending is REALLY predictable. And the answers you DO get, are…they’re pretty shit. Pretty shit. Yep. With “Star Wars the Force Awakens”, you get SOME answers, and more questions-but the answers you DO get are satisfactory. The questions make you WANT more-here….Nope. Nnno. NO. Bad. Bad writers. Shame on you………………….REALLY? Ugh.
  • The ENDING 
    • Ending sucked. Nothing more to say-it just sucked.  It FREAKING SUCKED.
    • BOY could these people give the crew of Prometheus a run for their money on stupidity. If Ripley were part of this crew she’d SMACK THEM ALL ON THEIR EARS. First, as seen in the trailer, they go explore the ALIEN. WORLD with no space suits. “Oh it’s SOOO similar to Earth I’m sure it’s fine”. It’s fine. Fine. Also when it comes to protocol….oof. And personal common sense. Yikes. Ouch. Yeah they are SO stupid.
    • …..There’s literally NONE. OF. IT. The god damn ROBOT Walter has more of a character than the entire Covenant crew combined. He was great I liked Walter. In Alien the scenes where they’re jabbing at each other back and forth, really worried for their crewmate, you FEEL like they actually care about each other. Here? You get the feeling of “oh sure go down those stairs…Can’t WAIT. So sad to see Scott use BAD horror tropes when he created “Alien”.


If you liked the elements of Prometheus with creator vs creation, those elements, you’ll like here. But….Don’t go in expecting a “Prometheus sequel”; you won’t be fully satisfied. And don’t go in thinking it’s a full on “Alien” prequel….you won’t be fully satisfied. The answers we DO get, aren’t satisfactory. The crew are moronic and you only like Walter, and Daniels. The pacing makes the movie a bore, the tropes are horrific, the deaths are predictable, the ending predictable, the writing atrocious at times…It’s a shame because this IS the same man who created the “Alien” universe we know from “Alien”. If you liked “Prometheus” you might like this well enough. If you go in thinking “yes Xenomorph shit”….just don’t go in with that mindset.

“Alien Covenant” gets a 2.5/5 – Some elements are great….But it leaves a lot to be desired. Whole lot.


What did you think of “Alien: Covenant” and what’s your favorite Ridley Scott movie? Let me know below.


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