Cars 2 movie review

Cars 3 is slowly creeping up on us (and it ACTUALLY looks really good holy crap) so I figure I should take a look at the WORST Pixar movie out there….as in ever.

Plot: When Lightning gets invited to the World Grand Prix he takes along Mater the Tow Truck…And they somehow get involved in a secret spy mission dealing with gasoline vs energy efficient fuel and….yeah oh boy. 



The races and animation-not that bad. Why the focus was on SPIES I’ll never know.

    • If there’s even a BAD Pixar movie, at least there’s this-they do have STELLAR animation. That’s the case here. The movie itself, is not really that good. But the animation is fine. But that’s because it’s Pixar. I wonder if this were a DreamWorks or Blue Sky movie if people would even say that about this film.
  • The RACES 
    • When the movie focuses on LIGHTNING and the races, it actually gets a bit interesting. But….Lightning is sadly kind of shoved off to the side.

The MEH 

  • The PACING
    • The pacing isn’t really BAD….But god it’s just boring. Spy cars…..yeah that makes sense. TOTAL sense. Whenever it’s not on the race you want to fast forward it to the races. And then the races are too fast and quick and before you know it it’s over. Which is a bummer because we actually get to see Lightning race on dirt roads but….for like a second. Damn.
    • The new guys are ok….Mater is annoying as hell. Lightning is the just average nice guy now that he’s learned his lesson of learning to take things slow. Mater is just way too in your face. If you don’t like Larry the Cable Guy then you don’t like Mater. Just a hard truth. And guess who the main character is? Not the red hot shot in the FRONT of this movie’s poster. NO. It’s Larry the Tow Truck. Ugh. And the villain sucks. Like….he’s so forgettable.  And Doc is just like “eh….he’s not around anymore…..well that sucks…..ONTO SHENANIGANS!”

The BAD 

  • The PLOT 
    • Boy…..Spies with cars. If they had just kept it to the World Grand Prix that would’ve been interesting enough-traveling the world, seeing new sights…..But no. We have an environmental movie about spy cars. We all get it-we’re screwing over the planet and it’s gonna be royally mucked by the next 100 years or so………..And maybe not even that. But good GOD if you’re not a toddler this movie is just BORING. And it doesn’t make sense. You’re basically watching Larry the Cable Truck bumble around as a spy even though he’s not a spy, and trying to keep his friendship with Lightning but…..ugh. But the first and third movies have NOTHING to do with spies. And there’s like a point where there’s a character killed off in a rather violent way. And…..It’s kind of a waste of time and money. Especially since again………THE FIRST AND THIRD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SPY NONSENSE. The most this movie has to offer, is neat racing stuff for your kid when he needs to be baby sat by Uncle Television. Dammit Pixar you’re better than this B.S.


Everyone says “Cars 2” sucks and….yeah compared to the first it really does. Compared to most animated films it does. It doesn’t hold up to the standards of good films, even when you take off the Pixar label it has. And when that film HAS the Pixar name on it….it doesn’t even reach “watch it on tv when you’re bored” status. I bet if those who watch “Cars 3” don’t watch this…They wouldn’t miss a god damn thing. Which is a shame because Pixar is so much better than this nonsense. The voice acting is fine, the animation is pretty, and the racing stuff is neat. Everything else that you need to work in order to make a good movie…..that all sucks. There’s nothing inherently BAD for kids but….It’s just dull. I think “Cars 3” could be better-it certainly looks like they’re actually trying to finish up Lightning’s story (hell trying to make a GOOD story to begin with) with this one but….It doesn’t take much to be better with this film.

“Cars 2” gets a 2/5 from me-it’s pretty to look at but….it’s basically only there for when it comes to kids who need to be watched by the TV.


Time for that question….What’s your LEAST favorite Pixar movie? There’s gotta be some you don’t like that much. Let me know in the comments.



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  1. Alright, so I make a distinction between me liking a movie and whether a movie is good. In terms of quality, yes, I would say Cars 2 is the “worst” Pixar movie. But, I honestly do have a liking for it. I don’t think Pixar has ever made any horrible movies and this one is a big pleasure watch for me, mainly due to Michael Caine being in it. It’s fun and harmless enough.

    So in terms of my least FAVORITE Pixar film, it would have to be The Good Dinosaur. That one just frustrates me. The only reason I rank it higher than Cars 2 in terms of quality is because of the photorealistic backgrounds, otherwise it too would have been the “worst” Pixar movie, imo.


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