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Top 10 Favorite YouTubers of All Time (…This Week)

So back in 2005 a little site called “YouTube” was launched….and at first, it was a place full of…Lady bug sex and cat videos. And this dude called Fred but like the R was backwards and he had this really high pitched voice that would make dogs cringe…It was a weird place. Not too many people took it seriously….But a few did. And they helped BLOW that site UP. And also make it incredibly weird….There’s the weird part of YT guarded by Shane Dawson, the scary dark side and the one who guards that realm is none other than Rob Dyke himself…There’s the music side, ruled by too many to count. Then there are those that make skits, parodies….Random story time videos. But who are my favorites?

Here are my Top 10 Favorite YouTubers of All Time….This week.

1) Philip DeFranco

He’s pretty low on the list admittedly, but if you’re looking for some news that isn’t biased, that just tells it like it is, Philly D is your guy. He’s a DUDE in a graphic TEE that can tell the news and bother to actually FACT CHECK-which is more than most mainstream online sites could ever say-more than even ACTUAL NEWS media can say. He’s honest, sarcastic, funny, and just tells it like it is. Unlike most YouTubers, his onscreen personality seems to match when he’s doing his vloggity shorts as well as whenever he’s on TheDeFrancoFam-sure he could have a persona but it seems to just be an over exaggeration of his actual personality. He’s just a dude telling the news that the Nation wants as well as what he deems important-he mixes the good with the bad, and just gives it straight. In a time like this, where so many people can’t trust the news they watch….You gotta appreciate that. Thanks for keeping us all “Philled in”.

2) VlogAfterCollege

Not much to say about this little cute channel. Just a dude who vlogs his experience on life after college. He got a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that’s tri colored (black tan and white) he  named Gatsby and I do believe that this cute little dog helped boost his numbers quite a bit. He’s a simple guy, with a simple channel, but there’s a certain charm that has me coming back….Or maybe it’s the adorable corgi.

3) Matthew Santoro

Who doesn’t love a good top 10 list? If that’s your jam then Matthew Santoro is your guy. His videos have definitely evolved over the years, from including little skit intros into his videos, to having a character called Eugene to seemingly gathering inspiration from his good friend Rob Dyke in his newer videos. But his videos are all always fascinating, and I do almost always learn at least something new from them. But dude you gotta stop with the near dark tees and black background the colors…hurt.

4) JeremyJahns

Another dude who just talks about what he likes….I think that is what makes youtube so special-If you have opinions screw it you can share them with the world. Jahns got started in 09 with his review of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (note to self get on that review girl) and I got hooked. He’s pretty simple with his reviews-definitely a fan boy he’s stated it himself-but he’s got…something about him that has me coming back and watching his reviews time and again. When someone makes a “best of” video of you, you’ve made it and I watch that whenever I have a bad day and it makes me laugh. He’s got good energy-he hardly talks about the technicalities of film; cinematography, editing, but that’s not him. He gives the good, the bad, and his ratings-a system he thought up himself; he ranks his films from Awesometacular to Dog Shit. Which again fits his style-rather than stars (like myself) or grades (like Stuckmann) he goes a bit outside the box. And maybe that’s why I can relate to him a bit-while sometimes I don’t see eye to eye with him, I can trust he’s just giving his honest thoughts and that’s something to appreciate. And also that Voldemort yell impersonation is on POINT.

5)  Vsauce (1 and 3)

These are part of the educational crowd of YouTube. With videos ranging from space to time travel theories, to paradoxes, they’re incredibly fascinating and the production quality in Vsauce3’s videos really shine through. Some of my favorites from him include the “Dangerous Pokémon” series, and “Paranormal Paradoxes” ft Jack Black himself. Vsauce1 seems to be on the more philosophical side-asking if we’re ready for aliens, what our last word will be, and wondering about black holes and human behavior. If you’re looking to get yourself educated on such a weird site, check these guys out. Thanks for watching them.

6) JennaMarbles

One of the funnier female channels on the site. This channel is about as random as Shane’s but just as funny. She makes videos ranging from annoying your dogs, to a series on whatever type of clothes you have on mean-from underwear to your bra. She has enough to make it a playlist on her channel. If you’re looking for a good laugh, or even a smile, check her out…She also has three adorable dogs to look at….Just saying.

7) This Is A Commentary

A channel created and hosted by Tre Melvin and his character Watermelondrea, this is a channel that uses humor to talk serious to the audience. He does skits, real talk, and just random videos. But they all make just about anyone laugh. With help from his character Watermelondrea, this young man brings a little quirk to youtube.

8) Shane Dawson

Remember when I said that YouTube has a weird space? The guardian of that is Shane Dawson. For sure. He makes videos that range from skits and parodies on his main channel to creep videos such as haunted graveyards, conspiracy theories, deaths at amusement parks and weird stuff like dumb life hacks, weird stuff I bought online, and other random videos. I think what makes them work is the weird little skits and back and forth cuts he does during the trying whatever food or dumb life hacks. He’s weird and he knows and embraces it….Who else would buy something like plump lips, or weird bouncy things for your shoes, or literally destroy a car (no not clickbait) on the internet?

9) John (Jack) Douglass

Funny youtube guy
Makes really weird videos
They’re good for a laugh


Those who know me, would not be surprised of this epic channel being in the top spot. The amount of effort that goes into these 2-4 minute videos is astounding. From incredible one liners “Everyone knows you’re back at home going Thank GOD for Pearl Harbor” (Roosevelt vs Churchill) to “Republicans need a puppet and you fit got their hands so far up your rear call you Mitt” (Obama vs Romney which stands at 131,238,491 views) to amazing visuals (lots of historical references in Roosevelt vs Churchill from the Allied Invasion of Europe to Roosevelt’s Rough Rider days, to Mt Rushmore and even the backgrounds signifying the times they lived in-the Industrial Revolution and the dark horrors of WWII) to the technical sides of making the videos (lots of editing takes place with these videos-layering, cropping, green screen effects, cloning characters (this is a staple in all of their battles-to have tiny versions dance on shoulders, in the background, etc), to the costume designs. These videos take days to create and the effort truly shows in just about every single rap battle. It’s particularly neat when they get famous guests to star in their raps (from Smosh and Rhett and Link, to Weird Al himself, and not kidding Snoop Dog appeared to play Moses). If you’re looking for fun videos that teach just a LITTLE something something, then this channel is for you.


5 Fan Theories for Transformers 5: The Final Knight

Man it’s been a while since I put anything on this site….But man oh man does Mr. Michael Bay know how to get my gears going. Yes that’s right they dropped the first trailer for Transformers: The Final Knight and…..Damn. Like a resounding echo of damn. There’s like an ancient empire….then Nazi Germany, then a stadium with kids, and maybe what looks like Rodimus aka Hot Rod…..But we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about why Optimus Prime, OUR god dang Optimus….someone who for as long as we remember, is all about protecting life, making sure freedom is free and available to all sentient beings, being fair, and just and good and STRONG WILLED and being the embodiment of GOODNESS…is suddenly evil, and about to straight up murder either Bumblebee or Cade Yeager, the human main character from the fourth film Age of Extinction and also saved his life….Giving him much more of a connection to OP than Sam Witwicky ever did. So….here are some theories.



Well not purple eyes but….Well…

This is the most obvious theory so it’s pretty low on the list. They’ve played around with mind control in the Transformers iterations before, with the best being Bumblebee controlled by Megatron; Megatron using Bee to revive him with Dark Energon in “Transformers Prime” a pretty impressive and DARK iteration of Transformers especially since it’s geared towards younger crowds. Anyways, this is pretty obvious-we don’t know the full extent of Unicron’s power, only that it matches Primus, who is said to be the God of Transformers. So, I think that Optimus while in deep space, comes across the Quintessons, who somehow manage to corrupt him through Unicron. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dragon we see in the trailer, is either a Dinobot, or the Quintessons. It’s Michael Bay it could be anything. After all, in an episode of Gen 1, Prime was indeed reprogrammed by the Quintessons to lead the Autobots into a trap, and in “Transformers Animated”, the ENTIRE Autobot team from Prime to Bumblebee, fell under the spell of Soundwave’s dominating music, turning all of their eye Decepticon Red. Perhaps Bay is finally learning to take from the history of the franchise a bit? If so then you’d better be prepared for a heartbreaking finale if that’s the case since Hot Rod is in the film….But that’s for another day….


You people really have NO idea how many times this dude has died then come back…He’s LITERALLY the Jesus Christ of Transformers…So why wouldn’t they try again?

An odd theory you may say, but it ties into just about every single one here so in it goes. Unicron straight up MURDERS Prime while our beloved Boss Bot is in the deep depths of space. The Quientessons and Unicron use something called Dark Energon to bring him back but at the cost of his spark-remember in movie 4 Optimus refers to their Sparks as their Souls-our soul = their spark. So, we could very well see a mindless killing machine in Optimus’ armor roaming around Earth….And honestly that’s a kind of terrifying thought. He looks like a good guy; we know him to be like the Jesus of Transformers for how many times he’s been all self-sacrificing and low and behold he’s KILLING Autobots and Decepticons and humans alike. It’s the stuff nightmares are made out of.



Even big badass Optimus Prime can be backed into a corner, by beings they could easily conquer….

This is a definite middle of the list kind of theory. It wouldn’t be unlike noble leader OP to get himself into a rather compromising position. He’s kind, stalwart, gentle, stern, determined, loyal….and incredibly stubborn. That stubbornness of his can and has in some iteration gotten him into heaps of trouble. Perhaps the Quintessons back him into a corner, forcing him to make a choice; kill someone he loves, or risk the entirety of planet Earth. It is a rather horrible position to be in, and I can definitely see them going that route; Prime reluctantly agreeing to this murder to save an entire planet from Cybertron’s fate….Or, perhaps it’s either he kills someone he cares about, or the Quintessons and Unicron decide to go ahead and create someone who WILL.

Who on Earth could that someone be? Someone who will be their mindless slave, who will be savage, strong, and have Optimus Prime’s every ability, from his sword and shield, to the Prime’s incredible strength and ingenuity. Hmm….



Hey Optimus….Bad day?

For those who may not know, Nemesis Prime is Optimus lookalike doppelgänger. The reason this is the second highest on the list (I rank my lists with 1 being the lowest), is because it just makes as much sense-even more-so than Prime being corrupted. Though Prime saying “Forgive me.” Before appearing to stab Bee or Cade in the face, leans toward mind control, there’s still a possibility we could see Nemesis. Nemesis first came onto the scene in the Armada series. When created, he scanned the mind of every Transformer, and took the form of OP, since of course he’s the biggest and most BADASS. Even more powerful than Megatron….I mean Prime is like robot Jesus Christ. So Nemesis figured “I’ll take that form on. Perfect”. And hence why he looks like our Big Beloved Boss Bot. In Armada, I believe that Nemesis was created by Unicron (he ties into nearly every theory here including the next one) and under the control of Sideways. In Transformers Prime, he makes his return in a way that makes MUCH more sense-a group of humans called MECH scanned Optimus (along with other Transformers) and thought “Prime is the most powerful”. And thus created an exact clone-that clone looking exactly like Prime, save for the yellow eyes rather than purple, and having a more rusted looking frame than Optimus’ shiny red and blue scheme. When Prime and Nemesis fought, their strength was similar; Nemesis was able to take Bumblebee down much in the same way Prime in The Final Knight trailer does; a simple slam to the ground and knife to the face. Though in Prime Bee managed to get away thanks to the real OP. The being we see attacking Cade and Bee could very well be Optimus’ evil clone, as it would explain the new eye color, and why Bumblebee would attack his leader first.



Stone. Cold. BADASS…..Do the eyes look familiar? Hmm….

The theory that seems to be one of the most plausible to me…and comes in hand with Unicron. And it’s one someone else actually mentioned to me…If Unicron is indeed in the film, Dark Energon isn’t far behind. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Dark Energon is a relatively new element, having been introduced in the newer iteration “Prime”. What does it do? It gives the user power over the dead, to raise them up as dark, DEADLY warriors, and gives the user unimaginable strength; Optimus nearly found that out the hard way several times when battling Megatron when his enemy was under the influence of dark energon. Why is this important? When in the first five episodes, Cliffjumper dies, Megatron slams a piece of Dark Energon in him…Reviving him, and making him into his mindless slave….And Cliff’s eyes….were DEEP purple. Much like Optimus Prime’s eyes in the end of the trailer. It would explain why Bumblebee is taking on Prime, and why Prime says “forgive me” as he’s about to kill either Cade or Bee. Perhaps Optimus’ mind is too powerful for him to get totally under the spell of Dark Energon, and whoever’s in control of it along with him, but he’s under the spell just long enough to do irreversible damage to the one he calls son, and the one who saved his life back in movie 4. Imagine the fallout either way, when Prime and the rest of humanity, realizes that even Prime himself can become a victim…And cold blooded killer…..Did I mention that Cliffjumper died before being injected with this? Just remember to tack that onto the board when it comes to discussing what could be or may be with dearly beloved Optimus in this film….


Are some of these bull? Probably. Is it too much to start guessing what the hell will happen with just a teaser? Probably. Is it fun to guess what will happen with just a teaser? Hell yeah. That’s why there are trailers; to get people talking about the film whether it looks like an amazing piece of art, or just a fun “wheeeeeeeeeee!” ride like any Michael Bay movie ever made ever. Some of these could become reality, or maybe none of them. One thing is for certain when it comes to Michael Bay’s Transformers…………..




Top 20 Favorite Films of All Time…Part 1

We all have our favorite films. Films that we identify with, films that we are in awe of, or inspired by….Films that impacted our lives or are just guilty pleasures. Well in honor of getting to a kind of big milestone on this site, I figure it’s time to share my 20 favorite films of all time. Because I can’t limit this list to ten.

Here we go…..

20) Transformers (2007)


Bay changed a lot in a short amount of time with this film….For good or for bad he changed a lot.

Is it okay if I put a guilty pleasure on here? I don’t care it’s my list dammit. And really, fundamentally, there’s nothing HORRID about the first movie. The script could’ve used a few more tweaks but it is easily the best written of the….quadrilogy? Saga? Eh anyways, what I like the most about this movie is the visuals. That being the Transformers themselves. It’s easy to argue that there aren’t characters in the Transformers series just plot devices to get to the next set piece; that being the action. But when the action goes down, it goes DOWN HARD. Optimus is a god damn BADASS for reasons. The music composed by Steve Jablonksy is just gorgeous as well; at times almost too gorgeous for this film series. And this was back when Michael Bay actually cared enough about the franchise to do so much research into the lore of Transformers he called himself “the biggest fan” in behind the scenes footage. The technology used to bring the Cybertronians to life is astounding even for 2007-keep in mind with pre and post being years before the actual release). It’s a fun ride that has serious undertones for a post 9/11 film but not completely devoid of humor…Even if it’s Michael Bay humor. It was great and awe-inspiring to see Optimus and the others transform on the silver screen for the first time, and when a MICHAEL BAY Transformers movie makes the audience cheer not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES throughout the film….It has to be doing something right. It’s the Bayformers film I watch the most, and hate the least. People don’t really GET just how much this movie changed cinema….Or how much Mr. Bay himself has changed the game of marketing, aesthetics, what films get greenlit….But oh. They will. Also “I ate the WHOLE PLATE”….Seriously how is that not like a THING?

19) Ed Wood


He’s just so happy making films…Do you pity him or empathize with him?

Anyone who has a passion for film should watch this film. It follows Edward D “Ed” Wood Jr., a director going through with his dream of making films….Only problem is they’re all terrible and he’s wasting everyone’s time and money. It’s a brilliant study on filmmaking-do you pity Ed Wood, or sympathize with the man? This was the film that really sort of started that Burton/Depp team up we so often see. But before Depp got “Type cast” into Diet Jack Sparrow post Caribbean, he was pretty amazing in this film. Seeing him completely disappear into this character (who WAS IN FACT REAL by the way) is incredibly amazing to watch. It’s also a giant love letter to anyone who….just creates. There’s always a chance something you do might not work out, or just suck. But you have to do it because you love it. And Ed Wood teaches us all….Even if the quality doesn’t turn out good as long as you enjoy doing it….Does that even matter in the end?

18) Lights Out


Could it be a bit early putting this film on this list? Probably…

It might seem premature to list this as a favorite movie of all time….But it definitely has some staying power. Why? Because it taps into our most primal fear. The fear of the dark. Even if we say we outgrow it, we’re still afraid of it. The mechanic of this film is sheer genius; that the creature could not only be something from the mother’s demented and tormented mind, but can only attack her victims through the shadows. There are reasons why we fear dark stank ass allies, creepy AF parking lots at night, unlit hallways, and dark thick forests. It’s a fear of the unknown. EVERY single sentient being exhibits fear; dogs bare their teeth and flatten their ears with a snarl at anything they don’t know, cats arch their backs and fluff their fur to make themselves look bigger than whatever may be threatening to them. And humans do whatever it takes to they’re not afraid; walking out of the threatening area at a quick sure footed pace, keeping their back straight, eyes narrowed, we try to look more intimidating than the thing/person intimidating than us. But what if that thing intimidating us is a supernatural entity? That takes security of “I can survive this” right out the window. And again playing on that mechanic is a wonderful move; light is safe but light costs. What if the power goes out? A fireplace only does so much. And you can forget about stupid freaking lanterns they do JACK. The movie is also a deep dive into depression, and how it can completely and utterly warp the human mind, and take its victim’s friends and family down a horrifying path. Coupled with good pacing and brilliant acting…Well…This is a film not for everyone, but for most others…..You’ll definitely be sleeping with the lights on after this film.

17) Pulp Fiction


Sometimes it’s okay to laugh at violence….

You’ve often heard certain directors be called things. “Master of Horror” for Wes Craven. “Master of Storytelling and Oner aka The Long Take” for Spielberg. And for infamous/famous director Quentin Tarantino…..”Master of Dialogue”. And if you’ve ever wondered why….Just watch Pulp Fiction. Told out of chronological order following various people throughout the city, this highly stylized film is full of Tarantino tropes; moments that would make Game of Thrones blush, Tarantino style dialogue, unapologetic screenplay, and outrageous deaths only to be seen and appreciated in a Tarantino movie….Who else laughs when Marvin gets shot in the face? Yeah you do. This movie is nuts, violent, fifty shades of whacko and I adore every minute of this film. Only someone like Tarantino could make a conversation either thrilling, enthralling, or tense. He can turn the most awkward and boring thing or subject and make his audience invested in it. I never get tired of wondering just what’s in the suitcase, and it’s really fascinating seeing that these stories are interwoven together yet told out of order only for the last part of this film to be the diner just with Jackson and his partner. There are two groups of people in the world; those who just aren’t into Tarantino, and the other half is those who say Kill Bill is better than Inglorious Basterds and those who say just the opposite. Me personally….Pulp Fiction beats out both films. A dialogue heavy script can be easy to screw up….But Tarantino teaches us that words are indeed incredibly powerful.

16) Fantasia


Mickey congratulates Leopold…perhaps for conducting the film’s scores?

This is easily one of Disney’s best movies. I truly mean that. Visually stunning, musically genius, put those two together and you get a gorgeous film. It’s a piece that just puts you on an emotional journey; one moment you’re having fun and watching Mick learn the mysterious dark arts (glad they touched on this bit of his history in the Kingdom Hearts story) the next you’re on a journey with the dinosaurs while listening to the iconic “Rite of Spring”. You get to see winged horses soar, centaurs find love, and a devil weak chaos and death and despair only to be defeated in the end by “Ave Maria” and heaven’s light. Those two segments along with “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” are my favorite. Sorcerer Mickey is my favorite rendition as I connect with him the most; he teaches a great lesson in biting off more than you can chew. And his shaking hands with Leopold Stokowski is the icing on the cake that cements the very serious air this movie has. It’s not at all geared for the children save for Mickey himself. It’s a film mostly for adults. It’s a visual musical masterpiece to the ears.

15) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


The movie that seemed to truly cement the world of Harry Potter.

Surprised to see a Harry Potter film on a top favorite of all-time list? Well as a huge Potterhead but even bigger film fan it was hard….IS any one film from the HP Saga truly worth such an honor? And if so….Which film would it be? It’s truly a tie between Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 and this film, however overall the better film is Prisoner of Azkaban. Heralded by a newcomer to the series, Alfonso Cuarón Orozco the Mexican director certainly took the series in a different approach. And it couldn’t have been better for it. Sure they did leave out a scrap ton from the book, however as its own entity….It’s a marvelous film. The overall dark eerie tone sets it apart from its predecessors, and gives you a great foreshadowing of what’s to come. And it’s the film that really gets you deep into this universe’s lore. The Golden Trio are much more defined as characters than ever before; Harry continues to grow as does his actor which show. The effects just get better and better as well; showing off griffins, soul stealing dementors, and human to animal transfigurations. It’s the film with that started Harry down a path that he couldn’t divert from….And gave us all a taste of the other side of the bright magical world we came to love. And whether we were ready or not, that darkness within the series would only grow after this film.

14) Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring


A film that changed Hollywood forever deserves a spot on this list.

If anything this particular trilogy is a wonderful study of successful adaptation….Along with Harry Potter. So much could’ve easily gone wrong, especially given that Miramax wanted only one film, and Jackson had at first drafted a two film series. It’s funny that those making this thing had to fight for three films given the legacy it’s left behind. The character Frodo isn’t the best in retrospect, but his friends more than make up for his….character. Those in the Fellowship from kickass archer Legolas (who is pretty much relegated to “Expository Man”) to Boromir each have a role to play in the film. And the “Everyman to hero slot” works very naturally here vs in films like Harry Potter or Transformers. One where someone was told he was Jesus the whole time….And the other admittedly being idiotic despite how much I enjoy that film. This movie is a big ass sprawling epic that sucks you in the moment you hear that iconic music. It’s an amazing film that more than earns a spot on this list….Despite Frodo falling as much as he does.

13)  All Dogs Go to Heaven


One of Don Bluth’s BEST animations period.

Arguably one of Bluth’s best films, this film is a highly sophisticated incredibly deep allegory….And the way they go about this is with…Singing dogs. Yeah for whatever reason the 80s just loved Burt Renoylds’ singing voice. Bad songs aside, the plot is pretty deep for a kid’s mainstream animation. The characters are all pretty morally gray (not the least of which Charles B Barkin himself). The animation is fine (pretty standard for a Bluth production), hard lines, hard colors, lots of darker colors throughout the whole movie. The Heaven in this film really does look like something a child might imagine; it’s the only time in the film we see nice soft strokes of paint, no hard lines. Soft pallets and soft gentle lights. The movie is deep; one of the deeper animations out there to this day. True it is a Christian analog of the rise and fall and rise of man but told through anthropomorphic dogs.  This is a deep allegory for the aforementioned things and also shows some of the flaws in Christian doctrine; what IS heaven and would it be truly earned? Or would we rather have free will? That which makes us human? And for those reasons, All Dogs certainly earns a spot on this list as one of my favorites of all time.

12) Jurassic Park

jurassic park t rex first.jpg


This is one of Spielberg’s best films. Despite the flaws it has; spotlight fetish, plot threads that go nowhere (glad they continue that tradition in Jurassic World) and character arcs that just disappear. However, it’s a good fun survival story not just a monster movie like in the newest addition to the franchise. The children are actually likeable, the action intense, and of course the MOTHERFREAKING T-REX! Even after all this time, she still looks fantastic. All the dinosaurs-minus the Velociraptors-look great. From a few CGI shots to LIFE SIZE recreations of these beasts they still hold up to this day for the most part. Add in Jeff Goldblum being Goldblum and other good actors and you’ve uh, well uh got one hell of a uh fun movie.

11) Saving Mr. Banks


Disney handled this film surprisingly well.

Another bio picture makes this list. This time, during one of Walt Disney’s more…trying times during his career as a filmmaker. That being when he worked with creator of Mary Poppins PL Travers to create the now beloved film Mary Poppins. Both have HUGE egos, and when big egos clash, it’s hard to get anything done. We certainly see things from both sides; Travers very reluctant to give up her pride and joy, and Disney wanting so very badly to make this film, as part of a promise to his children. With Walt being this charismatic, friendly very bright eyed young man eager to make the world laugh, and Travers a cold cynic, it’s amazing that Mary Poppins exists at all…And seeing it come together is astounding and interesting. The best thing is that this film is entirely pre-production based. We’re not on the film set, there’s no principle photography being done, actors haven’t been talked about, it’s just buffing out the script so that Travers will approve the film rights to Walt. There’s a particularly lovely scene where Walt is with one of the Sherman Brothers just talking. It’s quiet, feels like a one long take. We all know the story of Mickey Mouse’s creation; how Walt sketches him up on a train ride. But to hear the creator talk so openly how no matter what he couldn’t sell the rights gives an insight on how much he cared about the mouse. How he views the mouse as family. Which in turn is what Disney is to many of us. This movie does Disney-fy a few things but overall it’s a good tale of how patience, perseverance, and determination can bring a beloved fictional character to life.  Let’s go fly a kite indeed.

And that is part one of my favorite films of all time. Part two is coming soon.

What are some of your favorite films of all time? Let me know below!

Top 10 BEST Gravity Falls Episodes

 Gravity Falls was one of the BEST shows on Disney. Smart, funny, eccentric AS EVER, with weird characters, relatable characters, good heroes, amazing INCREDIBLE, DANGEROUS villains (okay villain it’s Bill Cipher people Gideon was just okay compared to that guy) and an incredible fun story not just for kids but young adults too….And just plain adults seeing as internet star Doug Walker and his brother got very much into the show…Like every show, there are highlights, and flaws. However, with Gravity Falls, there seem to be only highlights as there are no BAD episodes…Lesser ones sure. But more great episodes rather than bad…And here is a list of what I think are the best of the show.

THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME SPOILERS IN THIS LIST. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. But really if you haven’t seen the show….Short version is go watch it.




This episode features the first REAL look at the supernatural in this show…And introduced a little CREEPER.

 1) The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

I almost kept this one off the list, but it was the one that got me into the show and for good reason. This episode introduced the little creeper known as Gideon Gleeful, the child “psychic”. This is the one that Gideon and Mabel try dating….it doesn’t really work and she needs the help of her twin to decide what to do. The way Gideon “Comes on” to poor Mabel is reminiscent of Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The way Mabel steps up and is able to put an end to things with his amulet was nice, and the Pines laughing it up in the shack was fun…But that’s not what got me into the show. Nope. It was the ending. There’s always an episode in TV that makes you swear, or gasp. The ending to this….Made me do both. In complete and utter SHOCK. After seeing the second Journal, I was HOOKED.


Wonder what’s the deal with Stan’s machine? You need to keep watching to find out…

2) Tourist Trapped

A good fun episode to kickstart a good fun yet relatively serious show. We get our introduction to Dipper and Mabel, and some of the first look at the weirdness that is Gravity Falls, Oregon. We also get a fun look at their Great Uncle “Grunkle” Stan, who may not be what he seems. The two siblings are immediately likeable for different reasons, and their first encounter with the strange and paranormal is with the gnomes. Who you’d think wouldn’t be all that dangerous. This episode is well paced, and a good start to the series….but what made me interested in the mystery aspect of this show….Was the ending…See Stan has this vending machine…


Geeeee wonder what inspired this episode…

3) Blendin’s Game

This episode is low on the list because while the Tron themed Blendin’ vs The Pines Twins was fun, this episode sheds some light on the loveable goof Soos. He does have quite the sad backstory regarding his father, and the resolution at the end is just full of feels. This episode also really highlights just how well Dipper and Mabel work together regardless of their differing personalities. If this episode didn’t have the Soos plot though, I would’ve traded it out for another filler episode. This episode makes you really feel for Soos.


 4) Summerween

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s by far MY favorite holiday. It’s a day both adults AND kids can have fun, and the one night it’s completely okay for kids to go to strangers and ask for sweets. In Gravity Falls, they have their summerween-Halloween in the summer. This episode has a special homage to Spirited Away, once again focuses on the Wendy/Dipper one sided thing, and is just a solid episode. It should be noted that when Mabel was upset with Dipper, it was the first time she simply wouldn’t speak to her brother. It also was the first to hint at Mabel’s fear of growing up and facing the future…Something that would come into play later on.


Oh this is a KIDS show? Who’d have thought…

5) Into the Bunker

Yet another legit dark and scary episode from this show. There were some moments in this episode as well as others that had me going “Yeesh”…wonder how a kid would react to a shapeshifter taking on this hideous form of both Mabel and Dipper…Of the ominous warning the shapeshifter leaves for Dipper “this is the last form you’ll ever TAKE.” Good luck sleeping tonight indeed after this episode. It’s a simple fun adventure into the author of the journals’ bunker, where the group encounter the shapeshifter, and Dipper finally comes to terms with his failed crush on Wendy. Kind of a filler episode when you think about it, yet during the episode, that’s the last thought on your mind. It’s an episode that furthers the need, this insatiable thirst for knowledge and of finding out who the author really is.


You know….FOR KIDS.

6) Northwest Mansion Noir

Oh It’s amazing what children’s programming can get away with. Dirty sexual innuendos, dirty jokes “no no finger prints” is a great example of that one, or just a straight up horror episode that’ll be fun for the kids. There’s no terrifying Bill Cipher in this one (not physically at least) and Dipper instead has to deal with a very malevolent spirit out for vengeance against the Northwest family. This episode is clearly an ode to a lot of good horror films as well as Thriller. There’s a nice shot in particular that’s a great callback to Nightmare on Elm Street. We also get a nice “redemption” or sympathetic story with Pacifica, with indicators of child abuse through a simple ringing of a bell. Yeesh. And there’s also nice horror filled moments of Dipper being turned into wood in a pose that’s pretty similar to that of the shapeshiter’s final form (a screaming Dipper), BLOOD LIKE ACTUAL BLOOD dripping form the eyes and mouths of animal heads while they chant “ancient sins” and we get to see a lumberjack AXED off pretty much on screen….you know….FOR KIDS. This episode also ends on a more omnious note, with ignored warnings of the end times, and a final shot of Bill Cipher on a burning tapestry above people screaming and cowering in fear….Again….VERY kid friendly this show.


The episode that spawned the dreaded BillDip ship…That’s not as bad as twincest though…..damn internet.

7) Sock Opera

Who doesn’t love this show’s villain? Fun, funny, smart (seemingly I call his bluff on being able to see everything), cunning, manic, hilarious, and downright scary AF. He makes his return to the show in this episode and WOW….Did people ever find a new ship to launch in Bill/Dipper aka Bipper (shudders)…There’s even a fun theory that comes from this episode…Because Dipper makes a rookie mistake in trusting Cipher and making a deal-since the demon needed a “puppet”. Dipper thought he’d use of his twin’s sock puppets for her show she’s putting on for her crush of the week. When Bill Cipher takes over his body, it’s a race against time and the demon to get to the journal before he does and restore Dipper back to his body.

This episode is FULL of whacky humor thanks to Cipher. Again he’s a great mix of funny and terrifying. A lot of good funny quotes are in this episodes. “Boy these arms are DURABLE.” And “Oh hey children fighting…I can SELL this.” Are among them. It also won’t be the only time Cipher utters “eenie meenie miney YOU” when making a decision.

This is an episode that had little dark moments thanks to Bipper (Bill when inhabiting Dipper), but was mostly lighthearted and outrageous thanks to that sock opera Mabel did.


Stan’s been holding out on his family…And it all comes to a head this episode…

8) Not What he Seems

Holy CHRIST ON A CHEESESTICK WHAT A LOADED EPISODE. I mean we didn’t find out much just the fact that Grunkle Stan knew all along about the journals, was using them to rebuild this dangerous machine, and has a twin brother Grunkle Ford. This episode was completely LOADED from start to finish, and set up the rest of the season quite nicely when one thinks on it. It’s fascinating that here out of all episodes you see how different Dipper and Mabel are and wonder how they ever make their relationship as siblings as close as it is; Dipper makes like the journal and ”trusts no one” while Mabel’s motto becomes “I still believe”. It also sheds some light on the characters that hasn’t yet come out of the darkness-how far Dipper will go as long as his heart is in the right place, what Grunkle Stan is willing to do for his family, and how far Mabel Pines is willing to trust someone she cares about. The episode is emotional, high staked, and has one of the biggest “holy $%#!” moments in cartoon history at the end. What a great mid-season finale.


The episode that introduced fan favorite villain Bill Cipher.

9) Dreamscaperers

This is a part one episode to the season 1 finale; it takes place almost entirely in Grunkle Stan’s mind, and it’s our first true look at the main villain-Bill Cipher a dream demon. For some, he was funny but not threatening. For others, he was an immediate threat from the get go. His manic personality and unpredictable behavior make him on par with some of the great Disney feature film villains. He was extremely well executed and would become a HUGE fan favorite (come on not ONE damn Illuminati joke or reference? Aside from Bill himself? For SHAME Mr. Hirsch) This episode also really helps develop Stan’s relationship with Dipper as well. Featuring a fun fantasy fight between our heroes and Cipher, all around it’s a great episode and great buildup to the season 1 finale.

maxresdefault (2)

The end of something truly wonderful…

10) The Weirdmageddon Trilogy

Is it cheating if I put the entire trilogy of the series finale on this list? I can’t help it; first seeing what Cipher has done to the Falls, then dealing with that aftermath as well as finding and freeing Mabel, and the final epic showdown between the Pines family and Bill Cipher brings this series to a close in an epic and touching way. We see how dangerous Cipher truly is in this episode, while it was hinted at in some episodes prior, this trilogy, “Take Back the Falls” in particular, really hammered home “This villain is DANGEROUS.” Especially when he straight up states “I have some children I need to make into CORPSES.” Good job Disney on terrifying a new generation of children through Cipher. The way everything is wrapped up is a BIT like LOTR but there are several “Endings” that hit home-Dipper’s monologue, and when it seems Grunkle Stan has lost his memory for good. It was just a nice bittersweet ending to such an extremely wonderful show.

This show exemplifies everything great about cartoons today. There was real effort put into this, and the ending left with a bittersweet note, with us longing to return to the Falls. We still have the show while the characters have their memories. Those are my favorite/best episodes…comment down below which were your favorite.


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