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Cars 3 movie review

When “Cars” first sped onto the silver screen, people were pretty split about it-some liked it, most don’t. Then “Cars 2” came along and it was pretty much a GIANT FREAKING MIDDLE FINGER from Pixar to those who love animation, film, and that studio. So when it was announced that “Cars 3” was making it’s way to theaters, people were understandably nervous. But then the trailers showing McQueen’s wreck and the aftermath appeared…And…Is “Cars 3” the redemption we’ve been looking for?

Plot: Racing legend Lightning McQueen finds himself blindsided by the next generation. After Lightning suffers a  nasty wreck similar to both The King and Doc Hudson, he goes on a journey to prepare for the Florida 500, with help from his personal trainer Cruz Ramirez, the Legends, and his memories of The Fabulous Hudson Hornet.  


cars 3 old cars.jpg

Just about every character McQueen meets serves a purpose to the plot. That is good film writing 101 right there.

    • Here the movie turns the focus back to Lightning McQueen, who you immediately tell from the first few sentences in the film is older, wiser, but still McQueen in essence; he’s not one to say “no” to pranking his racing buddies Bobby Swift and Cal Weathers. He’s a bit more interesting here than in the first film, yet still a bit of a blank enough slate to be a good audience avatar. Cruz Ramirez starts off pretty annoying, but about at the halfway point you start to like her a bit and root for her as well as Lightning. Mater takes a complete backseat in this film thank GOD. The Legends-Smokey, Midnight, Louise and River are cool as well; it’s interesting to meet Doc’s teacher and watch Lightning learn from him.
    • This is nothing new with Pixar animation-even their lower films; “The Good Dinosaur”, “Cars 2”, “Brave” all films aren’t as highly regarded as Pixar’s others, but their animation is still stunningly beautiful to look at. Here it’s no exception. The artwork in the backgrounds, and even on the characters is great. McQueen gets several makeovers in the film-an electronic finish, his Corvette inspired looks, and a VERY touching look by the end of the film. It also looks as if they got better animating the expressions on the cars’ faces. It doesn’t look SO odd anymore…Or maybe I’m just used to how wide their mouths can get.

Doc Hudson was a straight up badass. And the flashbacks of him are the highlights of the film.

  • The STORY 
    • The story is kind of basic, but the simplicity of it makes it work. It’s like Rocky meets Creed. I say that, because when you hear in the trailers and read in the basic plot that Cruz Ramirez has had racing dreams of her own, you can piece together just why so many say it’s a mix of Creed and Rocky. It’s an underdog story, along with a story of learning to pass the torch along. You understand Lightning’s fear of becoming like his late mentor Doc Hudson-the fact that he gave up his win in the 06 movie to ensure The King didn’t suffer that same fate shows that what happened to Hudson truly stuck with him. And yet he uses his time with Hudson as motivation to win.
    • On that note, getting to learn more about Doc is certainly a treat as he’s quite a mystery in the first film. He’s kind of that stereotypical grumpy veteran who learns a few things from Lightning while teaching Lightning as well. You really truly get to understand just what both meant to each other here-not through words, not through speeches of how important one is, but through pictures, mostly silent flashbacks, and the animation on McQueen and Hudson through those flashbacks.
    • The story is heartfelt, and you feel like they understood where they went wrong with movie 2, and this was most certainly an apology for their lack of a Paul Newman tribute in the second and an apology for the second film as a whole. “Cars” is a story of racing, so why they decided to make a spy movie and put racing in the background no one knows. But either way, the story here is heartfelt, simple, and clean-if you want to know how to write a screenplay, watch this film-it well and truly follows the simple 3 act structure.
    • Everyone does a fine enough job with their voice acting here.

The MEH 


While the training does later prove to have a point, they really should’ve just cut this training montage in half.

  • The PACING 
    • The first half of the movie IS indeed quite slow. After Lightning’s wreck, it’s a pretty slow burn until the crew get to Doc’s old racetrack. Then once Smokey, Doc Hudson’s old crew chief, starts training McQueen, the movie picks up to a considerable pace. But when I eventually get this movie on Blu-Ray or Digital Download, I know I’ll fast forward to just after the Demolition Derby-I’d say spoilers but that scene is clearly in the trailers.

The BAD 

cars 3 storm vs lightning

Storm is like the Ramsay Bolton of Cars….It’s not even fun to hate him. You just want to see him be put in his place.

  • The Villain 
    • There’s a saying in film-you’re hero is only as strong as your villain. If your villain can transform into a fire breathing dragon by calling upon hell itself, you should have a pretty great hero to combat that. In this new Disney Renaissance, it seems like the focus is on the hero’s journey, and if there’s a villain….eh whatever alright. Here’s no different. Jackson Storm is pretty much your generic jerk-like how McQueen was in the beginning of “Cars” but worse. He’s really the only downside of the film. He provides some good competition and a threat to McQueen, but they could’ve done him a bit better.


It seems as though Pixar is completely wiping the slate clean with this film-it’s a total apology for “Cars 2”; Mater is pushed to the background, with the focus on a veteran McQueen facing his twilight years as a racer. You feel for the stock car-much more than in the first film. For him the stakes are actually high and meaningful. The characters he encounters are memorable and enjoyable for the most part-mainly Smokey Doc’s mentor and Cruz-Sterling is insufferable. The pacing has a few issues, there’s only one main subplot, which doesn’t detract too much from the film, and McQueen’s character arc gets a touching and fitting end. You also get nice closure for Doc Hudson which is something you don’t realize you wanted until you actually experience it-when you see how much he meant to Lightning, you appreciate him all the more. It can be predictable, but it’s still enjoyable as well.

“Cars 3” gets a 3.5/5 from me- while the film fishtails here and there, Pixar manages to settle back into place, and kicked it into high gear with this one. It’s a fine film that’s MUCH more enjoyable than the second, and improves on the first.



Cars 2 movie review

Cars 3 is slowly creeping up on us (and it ACTUALLY looks really good holy crap) so I figure I should take a look at the WORST Pixar movie out there….as in ever.

Plot: When Lightning gets invited to the World Grand Prix he takes along Mater the Tow Truck…And they somehow get involved in a secret spy mission dealing with gasoline vs energy efficient fuel and….yeah oh boy. 



The races and animation-not that bad. Why the focus was on SPIES I’ll never know.

    • If there’s even a BAD Pixar movie, at least there’s this-they do have STELLAR animation. That’s the case here. The movie itself, is not really that good. But the animation is fine. But that’s because it’s Pixar. I wonder if this were a DreamWorks or Blue Sky movie if people would even say that about this film.
  • The RACES 
    • When the movie focuses on LIGHTNING and the races, it actually gets a bit interesting. But….Lightning is sadly kind of shoved off to the side.

The MEH 

  • The PACING
    • The pacing isn’t really BAD….But god it’s just boring. Spy cars…..yeah that makes sense. TOTAL sense. Whenever it’s not on the race you want to fast forward it to the races. And then the races are too fast and quick and before you know it it’s over. Which is a bummer because we actually get to see Lightning race on dirt roads but….for like a second. Damn.
    • The new guys are ok….Mater is annoying as hell. Lightning is the just average nice guy now that he’s learned his lesson of learning to take things slow. Mater is just way too in your face. If you don’t like Larry the Cable Guy then you don’t like Mater. Just a hard truth. And guess who the main character is? Not the red hot shot in the FRONT of this movie’s poster. NO. It’s Larry the Tow Truck. Ugh. And the villain sucks. Like….he’s so forgettable.  And Doc is just like “eh….he’s not around anymore…..well that sucks…..ONTO SHENANIGANS!”

The BAD 

  • The PLOT 
    • Boy…..Spies with cars. If they had just kept it to the World Grand Prix that would’ve been interesting enough-traveling the world, seeing new sights…..But no. We have an environmental movie about spy cars. We all get it-we’re screwing over the planet and it’s gonna be royally mucked by the next 100 years or so………..And maybe not even that. But good GOD if you’re not a toddler this movie is just BORING. And it doesn’t make sense. You’re basically watching Larry the Cable Truck bumble around as a spy even though he’s not a spy, and trying to keep his friendship with Lightning but…..ugh. But the first and third movies have NOTHING to do with spies. And there’s like a point where there’s a character killed off in a rather violent way. And…..It’s kind of a waste of time and money. Especially since again………THE FIRST AND THIRD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SPY NONSENSE. The most this movie has to offer, is neat racing stuff for your kid when he needs to be baby sat by Uncle Television. Dammit Pixar you’re better than this B.S.


Everyone says “Cars 2” sucks and….yeah compared to the first it really does. Compared to most animated films it does. It doesn’t hold up to the standards of good films, even when you take off the Pixar label it has. And when that film HAS the Pixar name on it….it doesn’t even reach “watch it on tv when you’re bored” status. I bet if those who watch “Cars 3” don’t watch this…They wouldn’t miss a god damn thing. Which is a shame because Pixar is so much better than this nonsense. The voice acting is fine, the animation is pretty, and the racing stuff is neat. Everything else that you need to work in order to make a good movie…..that all sucks. There’s nothing inherently BAD for kids but….It’s just dull. I think “Cars 3” could be better-it certainly looks like they’re actually trying to finish up Lightning’s story (hell trying to make a GOOD story to begin with) with this one but….It doesn’t take much to be better with this film.

“Cars 2” gets a 2/5 from me-it’s pretty to look at but….it’s basically only there for when it comes to kids who need to be watched by the TV.


Time for that question….What’s your LEAST favorite Pixar movie? There’s gotta be some you don’t like that much. Let me know in the comments.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl movie review

Pirates freaking FIVE has hit theaters…..So I figure…..Let’s take this weekend to review some actual good looking pirates movies……Ok not ALL of them were good but most were certainly better looking than this one.

Plot: Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) arrives at Port Royal in the Caribbean without a ship or crew. His timing is inopportune, however, because later that evening the town is besieged by a pirate ship. The pirates kidnap the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), who’s in possession of a valuable coin that is linked to a curse that has transformed the pirates into the undead. A gallant blacksmith (Orlando Bloom) in love with Elizabeth allies with Sparrow in pursuit of the pirates.


  • The ACTION 
    • I need to get this out of the way first off; the action in these Pirates movies is OUTSTANDING. In all 4 (even though the fourth is the worst) they’re cool to watch, their epic when they need to be, and it feels like you’re THERE watching these fights go down-You’re on the Interceptor when it faces the Pearl, you’re in the cave fighting with Will Turner and Jack Sparrow against Barbossa and his crew, you’re on the Dauntless facing cursed skeletal pirates, you can’t help but be amazed at some of the stunts Jack pulls off-escaping by way of using a crane, blocking bullets like he’s freaking Wonder Woman with his cuffs, him dueling with Will in the armory it’s all just really cool, really awesome action. They nailed it in this movie-and in the later movies as well.
    • The entire world of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is just cool shit. It’s set in the mid to late 1700s, and it really feels like that era-the sets, costumes, and makeup work do a good job at making this era of human history come to life. The world just seems like a fun, lively adventurous place to be in.
  • The MUSIC 
    • I would be ashamed if I forgot to mention how FREAKING AMAZING the music here is.  German Composer Klaus Badelt is the one who composed the score for this movie and it’s so epic-I bought it when it first came out and I still have it to this day; just now on my iTunes and cell phone instead of a CD. He composed the epic theme “He’s a Pirate” which has been used and remade for the next films-which is great you don’t just get a new theme for each film the theme for the first should be used again and again-I’m looking at you “Avengers”. It’s epic, dramatic, it does a really good job of getting you in whatever mood you need to depending on the scene you’re watching.
  • The STORY 
    • It’s a pretty simple story-and that’s a plus for the movies. The other films got needlessly more complex and more convoluted. Here, pirates need to lift a curse, and some innocents get caught in the crossfire. Simple. Good call on making the first movie a simple swashbuckling adventure Disney. Because its’ the one people remember the most.
    • The characters-Mostly Will, Jack, and Elizabeth, are all fun and memorable. It’s easy to see where Depp got type cast unfortuntely, but seeing him as Jack here, it just brings a smile to your face-he’s not overused, he’s not some bumbling idiot-he’s smart, a fast talker, clever, and funny. Will played by Orlando Bloom (who I think has a bad rep here for no reason) is also a charming character and Elizabeth is a great female lead-she fights back, she’s smart in pirate lore, she knows how to defend herself-everything you’d want in a female lead. The minor characters such as Barbossa the villain is fun, and Norrington and Governor Swan are alright as well. But the trio leads are amazing.

The MEH 

  • The PACING 
    • The only real downside to this movie, is the pacing. In some scenes it drags, to the point where you can’t help but want to fast forward to the awesome fight sequences. It’s not horrendous, but it needs to be addressed.
  • The CGI 
    • This movie was released in 2003, with preproduction taking place of course a few years beforehand. So, of course, the computer generated imagery (CGI) isn’t going to really hold up-in terms of the explosions (back before Bay made them less cool) and the skeletons (while they look cool) are noticeably CGI. Barbossa looks good still, as does Jack’s cursed form, but you do notice the CGI now compared to back when it first came out.


“Curse of the Black Pearl” is a simple good time. The action is fun, the characters memorable, the soundtrack FREAKING awesome, and the plot is easy to follow.  Some of the pacing is a bit off, and the CGI wonky, but other than that, it’s just an all around kickass time. If you’re looking for the next Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, this isn’t it, no matter how much Disney wanted it to be those things. But….hey you’re having a good ass time with AWESOME pirates. I’ll take that.

“Curse of the Black Pearl” gets a 4.5/5 from me-it’s simple, but it works; it’s a swashbuckling good time if you know what you’re getting into. It’s certainly a pirate’s life for me.



Alien: Covenant movie review

If you’re looking for some more praise for this movie….look elsewhere. I was seriously disappointed by this film…but is it as bad as some make it out to be?

Plot: When the crew of the colonist ship Covenant receives a rogue transmission from some random planet that looks better to colonize, they decide to go check it out…And from there we have our Alien movie. 


    • Ridley Scott is like Zach Snyder…they both know how to make movies look….GORGEOUS. The story though…I’ll get to that. The world they go to looks fantastic, very Earth like yet eerily alien at the same time. The wide sweeping shots, some of the angles they get, the lighting, it’s very reminiscent of the first Alien film. Down to the title appearing with one piece at a time-like Prometheus and Alien.
    • Jed Kurzel did the soundtrack for this film, and he needs all sorts of props. I hope he gets more work in the future. Scott should take him on in the inevitable third prequel movie…whee.

The Giger designs in this movie are AWESOME….if only the CGI were good.

    • H R Giger’s alien designs are among the most iconic in all of Sci-Fi; it’s almost a shame nothing really comes close in terms of alien designs. The designs here LOOK cool-but the CGI is complete shit. Even with the ONE Xenomorph (yeah remember the posters and trailers we just get one) he was all CGI and it was just very distracting. They looked cool, but again….poor CGI.

GOD Fassbender needs to be in EVERYTHING HE’S SO GOOD.

    • Without giving too much away, it’s clear Scott has a complete hardon for Fassbender…Who doesn’t he’s hot, a great actor, whew his accent….damn. I’d love to meet the man someday-he’s FANTASTIC in everything he’s in because he gives it his all-here he plays Walter an Android with the Covenant crew, AND David and…yeah Imma stop right there. Oh and Katherine Waterston was great too-the only intelligent crew member.

The MEH  

  • The PACING 
    • The pacing isn’t good but it isn’t BAD either…It just….it’s meh. This whole movie there’s 15 crew members so you know folks are going to be SLAUGHTERED. So the whole time it just drags, and you don’t care about the crew-oh ho…they’re next. But the pacing…It’s just….eh.

The BAD 

  • The PLOT 
    • The plot….It completely screws up Prometheus and Alien-it messed with the lore completely and you DON’T. BUY. FOR A MINUTE. What they sell in the third act with David. I’ll not spoil anything, but it’s also completely predictable as soon as they land on this alien world completely going of course because human curiosity SUCKS. The whole movie felt like one big wasted detour.
  • The THIRD ACT 
    • Again without giving too much away-third act with a big reveal…the revelation sucks you don’t buy it- and the ending is REALLY predictable. And the answers you DO get, are…they’re pretty shit. Pretty shit. Yep. With “Star Wars the Force Awakens”, you get SOME answers, and more questions-but the answers you DO get are satisfactory. The questions make you WANT more-here….Nope. Nnno. NO. Bad. Bad writers. Shame on you………………….REALLY? Ugh.
  • The ENDING 
    • Ending sucked. Nothing more to say-it just sucked.  It FREAKING SUCKED.
    • BOY could these people give the crew of Prometheus a run for their money on stupidity. If Ripley were part of this crew she’d SMACK THEM ALL ON THEIR EARS. First, as seen in the trailer, they go explore the ALIEN. WORLD with no space suits. “Oh it’s SOOO similar to Earth I’m sure it’s fine”. It’s fine. Fine. Also when it comes to protocol….oof. And personal common sense. Yikes. Ouch. Yeah they are SO stupid.
    • …..There’s literally NONE. OF. IT. The god damn ROBOT Walter has more of a character than the entire Covenant crew combined. He was great I liked Walter. In Alien the scenes where they’re jabbing at each other back and forth, really worried for their crewmate, you FEEL like they actually care about each other. Here? You get the feeling of “oh sure go down those stairs…Can’t WAIT. So sad to see Scott use BAD horror tropes when he created “Alien”.


If you liked the elements of Prometheus with creator vs creation, those elements, you’ll like here. But….Don’t go in expecting a “Prometheus sequel”; you won’t be fully satisfied. And don’t go in thinking it’s a full on “Alien” prequel….you won’t be fully satisfied. The answers we DO get, aren’t satisfactory. The crew are moronic and you only like Walter, and Daniels. The pacing makes the movie a bore, the tropes are horrific, the deaths are predictable, the ending predictable, the writing atrocious at times…It’s a shame because this IS the same man who created the “Alien” universe we know from “Alien”. If you liked “Prometheus” you might like this well enough. If you go in thinking “yes Xenomorph shit”….just don’t go in with that mindset.

“Alien Covenant” gets a 2.5/5 – Some elements are great….But it leaves a lot to be desired. Whole lot.


What did you think of “Alien: Covenant” and what’s your favorite Ridley Scott movie? Let me know below.

Prometheus (2012) movie review

In 2012, we had a few good BIG summer movies to be excited about….The Amazing Spider-Man reboot, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, and Avengers. The aspect of a “prequel” or “spin off” to the Aliens franchise got people real stoked. So with Alien Covenant coming out this weekend I figure why not take the time to take a look at one of the most polarizing movies out there….So let’s get to it.



These three plus Idris Elba were FAN. TASTIC.

  • The CAST 
    • While the acting varies from person to person, the cast is phenomenal. We have Noomi Rapace as Dr. Shaw, Michael Fassbender as David 8 the android, Charlize Theron as Meredith Vickers, Idris Elba as Janek the captain of Prometheus, among many others. Those names that I listed they brought the A-game, the rest of the crew deliver ok performances; props go to Fassbender and Rapace in particular they were fantastic.
  • The STORY 
    • The story is incredibly….fascinating. It’s set at a nice pace that doesn’t QUITE drag, and it’s just an interesting premise-a group of human beings go out to a planet where they believe our ancestors came from and….Big no no. It’s a good show of “should we find out the reason for our existence”? Is there a God that created us or were we just a bluff that simply HAPPENED? Should we ever look for those answers and would we like the answers we found? It gives off a lot of questions…and not in that bad pseudo-science kind of way by way of like a Roland Emmerich movie. It actually does make you think about humanity and our place in the universe. I have to give the movie props for having an incredibly intriguing story.
  • The ACTING 
    • I was really debating on putting this in the “Good” or “meh” category, but I’m going to put it in the good because of two people-Fassbender and Noomi. The rest of the crew do a good enough job, but I would be remiss if I did not mention how powerful those two were together. The guy who played Dr. Holloway he was good, and Charlize Theron was good as well, because it’s Charlize Theron sometimes I don’t think she knows she’s being filmed and she’s just this naturally calm cool collected human being all the time-makes for a good villain role. Or commander.
    • The movie looks FANTASTIC. From wide sweeping shots (aka The Lord of the Rings shot), to really nice camera angles, the movie just looks fantastic the world they’re on feels really eerie, you get a constant sense of “danger danger” throughout the film. The Engineers looked….eh. Interesting I guess-they look human enough to be our ancestor/creator yet alien enough to be a separate species. Wish they had more screen time.

The MEH 

    • The story is innately fascinating to me. However, the way they execute it could’ve been better. When they get to the planet where our creators are or were, and the bad things start happening you can’t help but think “wait I’ve seen this before”. It’s the sense of familiarity that comes from the previous Aliens movies-so any disappointment with this movie, stems from tropes started by Alien, & Aliens-ie going into space, man vs alien, alien killing things, trying to set up good tension through this movie you’re like “I feel like I’ve been here before what’s new?”.
    • Other than Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, the rest of the crew….you give no shits if they live or die. In fact there’s at one point these two dudes who LEAVE. THE GROUP to head back to the ship Prometheus they come across these little worm like things called hammerpedes…And it’s hissing at them. And they want to poke it and touch it and get near it. I’m sure dear reader you can guess what happens to them. Little things like that really bug me-when a person in a film WITH A PHD does dumb things it just takes me out of the movie.

This isn’t the first Xenomorph…So there that is. You can see why so many were wondering if this was a prequel or not back when this thing first came out.

  • The ENDING 
    • The ending doesn’t bug me too much-of course there has to be a sole survivor in a space horror movie cause why not. However the actual final shot…It sets up for a sequel and I can quite plainly write/say that I understand why people were quite pissed at this ending-it tries to be all “see look Xenomorph Alien prequel” but…when it’s the last shot….for me I can’t help but think if it was shoehorned into the film to make it an Alien prequel for absolute sure.


If there’s something inherently BAD in a movie, I’ll put that in a review, but there’s nothing really BAD in this movie-the only bad/sad thing about it is that it has the weight of the Alien franchise on it’s back, so people expected it to be as “grand” as the first two. When it wasn’t what people expected to be, it split audiences up on what people thought of it-if you like it, people hated you for it. If you didn’t like it, people hated you for it. For me, I’m one of the “in the middle” people-it’s not good, not bad, just really average-and perhaps that’s what’s disappointing about this movie. It’s…just another scifi movie. You can see the potential for greatness in this movie, but it gets lost in the tonal problems of the film-I went back and forth from liking it to hating it, I was confused as to what rating to give it. The story was real fascinating, I always wonder about aliens being out there so I really gravitated toward the story, but when you have a crew of expendables that you know are going to die, and do stupid things, and a really kind of meh ending, with tropes and plot points you’ve seen before thanks to Alien/s you have to see this movie for what it is-a space scifi horror movie. Fassbender was incredible, Noomi was great, Idris was great, the story was great, the movie LOOKED fantastic, but the aftertaste it leaves you with it’s just….confusing.

But for me, I’m going to give Prometheus a 3/5-it’s just another scifi horror for me but I had a good time watching it. Take that as you will. I feel like this review was all over the place.


What is your favorite Ridley Scott movie let me know down below!

The Circle movie review

In this day an age, everyone is hyper aware of what technology can do-and in part that we could be watched with it. Thanks in large part to a man named Edward Snowden; a whistle-blower that told the whole world that the NSA, and Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance ran global surveillance programs,  with the cooperation of telecommunication companies and European governments. For some it shocked them, others they weren’t surprised…but most everyone became hyper aware of what could happen and what could be happening. This movie is quite relevant. But is it any good?

No not really. And here’s why.


There IS a good thing in this movie…It’s the concept. The concept is really good. Buuut it’s almost beating the dead horse as well. We KNOW the dangers of going transparent, yet there are a lot of youtubers who vlog their lives as well-DaddoFive-those motherhuggers who got REAL good lashes from the internet for their “pranks”, JennaMarbles vlogs herself, Philip DeFranco’s wife vlogs her life even going as far as mentioning and talking about her miscarriage and vlogging the birth of their first son Philip DeFranco the Third aka WITTLE TREY!-there’s Shane Dawson who sometimes makes funny parodies of vlogs, Trisha Hershberger makes videos of Naked Truth where she talks about different topics, so when the main character Mae decides to go transparent and vlog her whole life, it’s interesting but also…I kept thinking “there are youtubers I’d rather watch right now”. The concept of “you could be watched at all times ever” is interesting…but we also kind of know that already. It’s a good idea, but poorly educated.

The BAD 


This is Tom Hanks….He’s a great actor. Here? VERY flat. Sadly.

  • The ACTING 
    • It’s VERY flat here-Emma Watson has the POTENTIAL to be GREAT-just like Daniel Radcliffe he’s amazing…well he’s pretty good not amazing. Emma here was REALLY flat. She had no real personality here, and her facial expressions even when excited just didn’t really sell anything either. Even Tom Hanks-though a great actor-was a bit flat here as well. John Boyega of Star Wars The Force Awakens was in it hardly at all, and from what I’ve heard, his character is quite important in the book this is based on. The actor who played Mercer, and Bill Paxton were good-Paxton more so.

The one rule of vlogging – be interesting. Mae Holland is not that.

    • The characters are all very one note. I would say the most interesting on is Bill Paxton as her father who suffers from MS. He was just kind of quirky, funny, like a normal guy. You could tell that the actors would TRY and make the characters they played interesting but they just weren’t.
  • The PACING 
    • This film is kind of like one big ultimate vlog. When Emma goes transparent and vlogs her life, it goes at a vloggers pace, which can be very slow, very tedious….But if the vlogger is interesting, you don’t notice that. Emma’s character is not interesting. A neat thing though is when the comments all pop up that was interesting.
  • The ENDING 
    • There is no ending. That REALLY pisses me off. Going into a bit of spoiler territory, but let’s just say she pulls a Snowden on this company, claims to want to rebuild it make it something new….And then it just ends. And it ends with these videos of her kyaking and baby being born, and war, and protesters and you are VERY confused on the message it’s trying to send. Yes there should be accountability, but there should be privacy too-a nice balance. This movie does a poor job showing that.


This is one of the shorter reviews I’ve written, but there’s not much to say that everyone else has already said. The concept is genius. The execution is shit. The characters are one note, the relationships you don’t care about, the actors are REALLY, REALLY, flat here. I think Emma has the potential to be BIG, and be REALLY good, but she didn’t show that here. People love her because of Harry Potter, but she was ok in that too. She and Radcliffe had the advantage of being surrounded by incredible actors to bounce off of. Here she has Tom Hanks but when he’s flat too that doesn’t help. Which is a shame because Hanks is an incredible actor so is John Boyega. And Bill Paxton.

The Circle gets a 2.5/5 from me-concept was good, but it’s executed EXTREMELY2.5_star_rating.png poorly.

Your Name movie review

Those that know me, know I adore animation above all other types of film-it’s not a genre, it’s art brought to life. And traditionally hand drawn cell animation, is a dying breed of film. Thanks to the rise of Pixar, and DreamWorks, traditional animation has pretty much all but been forgotten. The last hand drawn animation, in terms of mainstream media, was from Walt Disney Animation Studios, a film known as The Princess and the Frog….back in 2009!!!! Which is such a shame for Disney considering it was hand drawn films that got that massive studio off the ground to begin with. But thanks to film companies such as Studio Ghibli, and CoMix Wave Films, Inc, and directors such as Hayao Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai traditional animation still has a name through anime. Thank GOD.

There’s really nothing bad about this film so I’m just going to give you readers all the good stuff about it. There’e s a lot to go through.



It’s films like this, that could put coveted Disney animations to shame. LOOK at the animation!

    • It’s….So……STUNNING. It’s STUNNING. It can really put even some of the Old Renaissance Disney films to shame. There’s NO cgi at all-none for these nice wide sweeping shots of Mitsuha’s village, none for the shots of Tokyo or the trains at the train station….It’s just all cell animation and that nearly brought tears to my eyes-it really is heartbreaking seeing traditional animation die slowly and painfully. I’d like Disney to just once make a Traditionally Animated film, maybe one with the Mouse himself but…just a dream. I’m glad Japan is sticking with traditional animation because at least through anime it still lives. Because this film is GORGEOUS. I really can’t iterate that enough every shot in this movie is just filled with beautiful colors and lines and angles it’s just stunning work.

The two main leads are incredibly likable-you root for them the whole film.

    • All of the main characters are really rather likable beings. The male lead Taki is funny, charming, kind of a wallflower type at first before he gets much more determined to play his part in this body swap film. Mitsuha is funny, and charming as well-kind of shy but not as shy as Taki-they balance each other out real well. They’re friends are also very lovely-you kind of would like to hang out with these people. Mitsuha’s sister kind of got annoying-her role was just kind of waking Mitsuha up in the morning so we can get body humor from her. Her grandmother is great-you get most of the exposition stuff through her, but she explains it in a way that makes sense-if they had a longer run time maybe they could’ve dove deeper into the Japanese mythology of time and the Gods that they worshiped.  Her dad is a prick though. Just putting that out there.
  • The MUSIC 
    • Boy I wish more American pop songs were like translated Japanese songs. Because the two main lyrical songs in this film are catchy, go with the scenes that were used for montage, and help bring out the emotions in the film. The score in the film was composed by Radwimps, a Japanese rock band. At first you wouldn’t think rock fits with love romance story, but it works really well.
  • The STORY 
    • The story is just brilliant. This is a huge “show don’t tell” type of movie-where the director uses film language-camera angles, animation, facial expressions (not dialogue) to get their message across to the audience. The story of these two teenagers experiencing a single day in each other’s lives, which helps them fall in love with the other, is told in a nice simple way that easily gets the messages of memory and self identity across. It’s cute, funny, and emotional. I actually cried at one single scene in this film. For those that have seen it, you might know which scene I mean. It’s a beautifully simple story, and sometimes, simple is best.
    • Sometimes it’s hard dubbing something from one language to another. Others it’s easy. Sometimes it’s wooden, and rough, and just doesn’t sound pleasant to the ears. Others the words flow nice and smooth. This film in English, sounds quite lovely. The acting sounds natural, and while you may be able to tell they’re in a recording booth, you can certainly hear the passion they have for this film, and that helps with the translation from Japanese to English.


Every time I think animation has reached its peak, something comes along and tells me different. Your Name is one of those films-I could easily see this on a list of all time favorite films, on all time favorite animation films, and favorite anime films. The story is brilliant, the characters are wonderful, even the dub from Japanese to English is REALLY really good-sometimes it can come out as wooden or awkward due to these two extremely complex languages, but here it’s natural and the words flow nicely. The music is nice and soft at some points, and the rock songs are lovely to listen to as well. The animation is just STUNNING I really could gush about this film’s animation for hours. Really, this is a near perfect film. There are some plot contrivances, but not enough to really bring the film down at all for most people. It’s a film that certainly lives up to the hype.

Your Name gets a 5/5- an animation that’s practically perfect in every way.


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) movie review

So for those that might not remember, there was once upon a time where a writer’s strike took place. This strike was back in the year 2008, and started in 2007. I mention this because it’s an important thing to note when viewing this film-when viewing MOST films that came out in this era.  The Dark Knigtht, Iron Man, Revenge of the Fallen, WALL-E, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince all came out in either 2008, during the strike, or 2009 after the strikes began to end. It’s really quite easy to blame this shit movie on the writer’s strike-that’s what Michael Bay did. Actual Cannibal Shia LeBouf blamed it on trying to go bigger and better without knowing WHERE to go. But in reality, there is one singular actual “noooo” when it comes this movie. And the next. And maybe the fifth one but we don’t know that yet. And it wasn’t the writer’s strike. It wasn’t not knowing where to go from the first film.

It’s called Michael fucking Bay.

I’m sure I’m gonna forget a few things in this review so please if there’s anything I forget that sucks, feel free to comment down below.


This film isn’t inherently awful….Ok yes it is but there are things that work about it. And I can count them on one single solitary hand.

  • The SCORE 

  • Steve Jablonksy has comprised the musical score for the entire series, and states that he’s returned for the fifth installment. And one of my favorite scores from this film “Prime” will supposedly make a reprise in the fifth film. I hope so because it’s gorgeous. At times, the music fits the tone of the film…All epic and bombastic horns and beautiful melodies and lovely choirs because thank you Lord of the Rings. At other times, it’s way too freaking good for this nonsense film. I have the soundtrack to this day and it brings me back…when I listen to the really good scores anyways. If nothing else, give this soundtrack a listen to. It’ll clear your bad mood in minutes.
    • Few and far between, the fight scenes we do get are pretty kickass. There’s that fight in the….the desert. Alright cool. We get to see amazing human monuments blown the fuck up-awesome. We get to see Devestator-complete with BALLS like as in human/organic ballsacks-completely annihilate one of the Great Pyramids of Giza. We get see a cool throw down between Prime and The Fallen….that lasts for a total of 4 minutes. Yeah. Not even 5 minutes of screen time is devoted to Prime vs his enemy. The fight scene in the forest is cool-we get to see Starscream be kind of badass but not really since he isn’t really given a lot of screen time so….yeah there that is. Optimus vs Megatron is always cool-they are equals in size, strength, and weaponry. This is shown multiple times in the amazing cartoon Transformers Prime; where when they meet on the field in hand to hand, it’s hard for either one to get the upper hand. So what do you do when your opponent is as strong as you are? STAB THAT MOTHERHUGGER IN THE BACK THAT’S WHAT. Yeah Prime is all “I’ll TAKE YOU ALL ON” and he wipes his ass with like three Decepticons before being murdered by Megatron…..Ok.
  • The PLOT………Kind of
    • The only GOOD thing I can say about the plot, is that it EXPANDS. THE UNIVERSE. You can look at Men in Black 2 as a counter for this-they didn’t expand on their universe, in fact in that film, the fate of the world/universe seems small in comparison to the first. Here, in this atrocity, they at least expanded it-gave it more characters, a new villain, a bigger threat than the first; the same threat really just on a larger scale. The annihilation of our sun vs just the destruction of Earth-destruction of our galaxy is a much bigger deal as now the Autobots would have no where to call home as well as humanity would be wiped out. They tried to put some spin where like it was the way they needed energy-I guess there aren’t energon mines on the planet but sun harvesters. Ok. Whatever…cool. Continuity sucks anyways.

The BAD…..It’s….It’s REALLY BAD 

    • Oh…..Oh my GOD. I don’t even know where to begin with this. Sam is COMPLETELY. FREAKING. INSUFFERABLE here. He was just kind of ok in the first-just an average shluck who got sucked into something bigger than himself through pure luck….And not even on his part it was Bee who forced Sam to “buy” him. Here….Literally it’s either “sh sh shs sh” or “OPTIMUS!” or ” NONONONONONONNONOONONONO” I no kidding. Mikaela….Ehh…..Eye candy. In the first she did a lot compared to Sam-Hell she freaking cut Frenzy in half, and helped Bee shoot some bad guys when he couldn’t use his legs. Here….fuck it eye candy. Yay. And then there’s Leo….Holy shit. OOhhhhh and Galloway…..Uhhh….Yeah if ever there were a human Prime SHOULD have killed….him. Like….oh that would’ve been SO gratifying compared to Prime shooting and killing Attinger in the fourth. The military dudes aren’t so bad. Lennox is fun and Epps is ok. I like their bits in regards to dealing with Galloway’s shit. The woman Mearing in the third movie is THOUSANDS of times better than this idiot.
      • Even when Sam-Spoiler as if you all actually care-DIES in this damn movie you don’t care-the music tells you you’re SUPPOSED to care….again Steve Jablonksy is TOO GOOD for this movie-and then he dies and you’re like “huh….whatever-wait wait is he in freaking robot heaven? Why is he meeting up with the Primes? Why isn’t Optimus Prime-PRIIIIIIIME there? Is Prime not like an official Prime to be with the Ancient Primes? Oh who cares SAM GET OPTIMUS BACK ALREADY”. You feel more emotion over Prime dying in this movie than Sam…Oh I’ll get to that next.
    • Oh….oh ho. Ok. So the Decepticons get much more screen time here than in the first film. Awesome I love the Decepticons. I mean I would totally be Team Prime in real life but they cool. Ok what happens we got Starscream with….Baby transformers in like Alien type egg shells ok that’s kind of out of nowhere. We have Megatron conversing with The Fallen-one of the Original 13 Primes who betrayed his brothers for….uh….stuff. Thangs. And then you have Megatron freaking stabbing Prime in the BACK and then blowing a hole through his chest. I….This is almost a cheap shot because I’m pretty sure they’re going to actually kill Prime off in the 5th movie since Hot Rod/Shot is in it and for those who don’t know in most iterations he becomes Rodimus Prime the next to carry the torch…so….and we all know Prime is Robot Jesus with how many times he’s died and come back somehow-even in Robots in Disguise they did this-Optimus in Transformers Prime sacrifices his life to restore Cybertron because of course it has to be him-and Bumblebee is the new leader of the Autobots for a while, and then Prime comes back. So to kill him off not even halfway through the movie is….yeah cheap shot at getting the audience to actually care about what’s going on. But then it turns into a freaking road trip movie and…..ugggh. Oh oh oh and then there’s Soundwave. What does he do? This.

Watching this is more entertaining than the movie.

  • The Autobots are just….insufferable. There’s the racist Tom Kenny robots…………..yeah I’m not going to touch that shit……..And then there’s Bumblebee who is just like relegated to Sam’s chauffeur until like big desert battle. Ironhide, Ratchet they don’t pop up that often except for big desert battle. I’d say Optimus is the best but he dies halfway through the film so he doesn’t really do much except just….be rusted metal. Yep. He gets a few badass scenes then gut stabbed by Megatron. Damn.
    • I mean it’s really easy to deconstruct this movie to the bone and see why it’s so bad.  I could really make an entire separate post as to explain really expain the reasons why this movie is cracked beyond repair. They expanded the universe yes but there’s also no like….Plot. Like if you asked me what the plot of this movie is…I’d stumble around but figure that it’s like “Sam is like trying to figure out his place in life, then Optimus needs his help, then Optimus dies, then they have to find the Matrix (because for some reason Optimus doesn’t already have it) then like Sam has these Cybertronian symbols in his head and Megatron wants him because it’s like Sun Harvester shit because aparently the Transformers don’t mine for Energon they just took suns….I guess. Oh and there’s like tons of battles, and they have to find a way to bring Optimus back to life” I would bet my next paycheck you would check out halfway through that description of “plot”. There’s really no plot more like plot POINTS that the “characters” have to get to. Like save points on a Kingdom Hearts game before the next cut scene. It’s just things HAPPENING. For no real reason. You aren’t invested, you’re not interested, and it’s just boring. Transformers shouldn’t be freaking BORING. You want good compelling story, good compelling characters, where even freaking PRIME gets a good arc? Watch Transformers Prime. It’s so good.
    • It’s a simple thing to note here but kind of important. The camera….Does. Not. Stop. MOVING. It’s a simple trick directors use to make a movie seem important or a scene to seem important when it’s fucking not. A great example is ANOTHER Michael Bay film the TMNT 2014 film-the scene where they’re all in the reporting room and the camera is spinning around so much it’ll make you dizzy. It’s like that here; very rarely do we get actual freaking still shots-there’s a good one with Sam when he’s captured by Megatron a few good ones surrounding Prime but….you could really count the amount of still shots on one hand…maybe two. The camera also moves a lot during the battle sequences…..perhaps to make it seem again important but it just makes one sick.


This movie sucks. It sucks hard Devastator balls. Some things are good-again the music is TOO GOOD for this film. But….it just sucks. This film made me ashamed I know as much as I do about the Transformers franchise. You can blame the writer’s strike as Bay tried to do, you can blame lack of direction as Shia tried to do, you could even call Bay Hitler like Megan Fox did. But in the end, when a film is bad, the blame lies squarely on the director, writer, and producer. That’s it. How Bay could look at the final script and go “sure green light that shit” I’ll have no idea. The music is good, fight sequences cool, and that’s about it. That’s about it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen gets a 1/5 from me. For the nice music. That’s it.


What is your favorite and least favorite Transformers movie?

Ghost in the Shell (2017) movie review

I’m going to start by saying this-I have no real love of the original anime. I think it’s an average film-with stunning animation, amazing concepts, but with kind of poorly delivered dialogue that caused the film to drag a bit. The characters were interesting, and the world amazing, so I can see why it has a devoted fan base. With this recent adaptation, does it do the first any justice?


  • The WORLD 
    • The beauty of the world of GITS is brought to life wonderfully here. From the opening scenes that nearly mirror the animation, to wide sweeping shots of the city, you FEEL like you’re in this cool ass world. It does a great job of sucking you in.
  • The MUSIC 
    • They brought in some of the original music into this movie, and it really helps in setting up the tone of the film.  But it really only takes from the original score here and there. Clint Mansell did and AMAZING JOB with the score. It’s stunning to listen to.
  • The EFFECTS 
    • I do have an appreciation of CGI-Without it some of the more iconic-for better or worse-moments or characters in film can’t exist. Hell without it The Jungle Book 2016 couldn’t exist at least not to the level it is. We couldn’t have Harvey Dent’s messed up face, we couldn’t get Optimus Prime, we couldn’t get any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. But, if it overstays it’s welcome, it can become noticed. Here….It blends STUNNINGLY with the practical effects of the film. To the point where you question-was that actually CGI? It’s not Avatar good in terms of the blending of computer generation with live action but it’s close.

They really develop the Major here. She’s much more complex than in the Original.

    • I’m mostly going to touch on The Major here. Just like in the original film, The Major here, is extremely conflicted-she’s remembering things from her past, but she views them as glitches-not sure if they’re real or not. Just like in the original film, this film really dives into the line of humanity vs AI-should there be a line drawn. There’s a particularly funny line where one of the members of Sec 9 states “you get a modification so you could drink more?” it’s quick, but it makes a statement of “what would you get done if you could change something of yourself?” would it be your eyes so you could enhance your vision, your fingers to get more stuff done, your arms for strength-this film more so than the original touches on those types of questions-on what makes us human.
    • The Major here seems to have more character too. It’s been a while but from what I remember, the Major in the original, was almost like a blank slate. Here you feel more compassion for her, as she’s trying to figure out who she is. ScarJo does a great job on bringing her to life-keeping to the almost constant monotone of the original, while having little moments of humanity thrown in.
  • The ACTION 
    • This movie takes scenes straight from the original animation-and it’s kind of a double edged sword. Sometimes, it really works, such as the opening with Major on the rooftop and such. Other times, it’s really noticeable. But in terms of the action as a whole, it’s few and far between, but really well done when they’re all throwing down-they aren’t afraid to show that one of the reasons why so many people love the Major is that she’s just kind of a badass. I do not know for certain if she did most of her own stunt work here as in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

The MEH 

    • There are only like three things wrong with the film. But they’re kind of biggies for a film. The dialogue in the original, was pretty heavy stuff-dealing with sexual identity, as Motoko did not really view herself as a woman, it dealt with again as I mentioned earlier, the line between humanity and AI-on what is considered human. Can you still be considered human if part of you is mechanic? Here…….The dialogue is dumbed down a bit so I’m assuming the Joanne and Cleatus of movie goers can actually understand the complexities of the film and this world the characters live in.
  • The STORY 
    • The story is kind of basic-it’s a more black and white good guy vs bad guy thing. Nothing entirely BAD, but a bit basic when compared to the original. There is a nice twist-a common thing in screenwriting noted as “twist in the third act”-where it shows that even the supposed good guys can have and ulterior motive. The twist is sometimes needed and important, as it provides yet another conflict for the main to get through, without dragging the plot. Here, the twist actually helps develop Major’s character, but the impact wasn’t as big as I was hoping it would be.
  • The PACING 
    • Like in the original film, there are parts that kind of lag. Not enough to bring the entire movie down, just little moments where I wanted it to focus more on the entire big picture, rather than the little scene that was going on. But I suppose in a big film like this, you gotta have some downtime for the characters, so it’s understandable that a film would “Drag” so to speak to allow plot and character development. But those two things should happen seamlessly.


If you’re a hardcore fan of the original, this might not be for you. There are scenes that take directly from it, but while others might appreciate that, you might find it insulting. The dialogue has no doubt been dumbed down for American audiences, so that is another downside for hardcore fans. If you appreciated the original film, this might be for you. It’s a good adaptation of the original, and actually improves on the Major’s character in the live action film. If you have no idea what this whole thing is about but your curiosity is piqued….I’d say check this out-it might surprise you.

Ghost in the Shell 2017 is a good adaptation and in fact one of the best out there-which isn’t saying much. The action scenes are good, the score incredible, the world beautiful. Scarlett Johansson does a great job in bringing the Major to life on the big screen and I personally think this is a faithful adaptation.

Ghost in the Shell 2017 gets a 3.5/5 from me-it’s a good film, but a few things keep it from being great.


Power Rangers (2017) movie review

I’m going to start this off by saying this-I never really GREW UP with Power Rangers. I would catch the show a few times there and here…..But I was more of a Ninja Turtles (2003), Transformers (Cybertron, Animated, Prime and Bayverse), and anime girl growing up (Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Death Note, Pokemon to name a few) type of girl. I found the show to be a bit…..campy. That was saying quite a bit for a 90s show. But I didn’t go into this movie completely clueless of the franchise and it’s characters. So let’s take a look at the newest reboot. Slight spoilers ahead. Slight. Not major.



These kids were AMAZING. Period.

    • The main five characters who will become the Power Rangers are actually VERY incredibly interesting people. From Jason the Red Ranger, to Trini the Yellow Ranger, each are actually troubled kids who are facing real world issues with actual attitude. You feel for the Asian character-the Black Ranger Zack-during his story at the campfire scene. I particularly liked Jason and Billy the most. Billy is on the Autism Spectrum-he actually outright states it himself-and Trini is potentially bi-sexual or lesbian. I’m pretty sure she’s just lesbian but it was never really confirmed in the film. I’m not quite sure why but when this was revealed in the famed campfire scene this moment got a few laughs out of my audience.
      • Rita Repulsa was delightfully fun and campy-but her tone caused some tonal dissonance in the film-with Cranston as Zordon being Cranston and kind of Heisenberg-ing it up a bit, and the kids really wanted to prove themselves she kind of stands out. In a not really good way. I did like that she started out as a Ranger-it gave Zordon his own nice character arc. All of the kids had really nice arcs. IN. A. POWER RANGERS MOVIE. My God.
  • The ACTION 
    • From the cool training montages to when they’re in the actual suits-and they get actual ARMOR this time-and kicking ass against Rita, heck even their first “fight” against Rita where she kicks ass against the Rangers, the fight scenes are cool to watch. Beware though-they don’t put on the ACTUAL POWER RANGER SUITS until about the third act, and pretty late into the third act at that. You only see the suits in the very beginning, and the very end. Is the wait worth it? Ehhh. It’s not as good a pay off as Godzilla 2014, and Michael Bay knew at least to show the Transformers themselves pretty early on-Bumblebee makes his appearance in the beginning of the second act of the first film, and the rest of the Autobot crew come in at around the half way point. Just to give you readers an idea of what to expect. If you’re fans the lack of the suits might just piss you off-but hopefully the characters are interesting enough to keep you fulfilled.
    • Not much to say here but I just really liked the soundtrack here-from the lyrical score to the actual musical scores, it’s as fun as the movie. They even put in the “Go go power rangers” theme in there. And that line too for that matter.

The MEH 

  • The PACING 
    • The pacing and editing could use some work. The origin story is nice at the beginning-we get to see a new variation of the MANY iterations of Power Rangers. But then just as suddenly we are introduced to the Red Ranger Jason. There’s no real cut or transition. Even the TITLE is to the lower right side of the screen rather than in the center. I just found that odd. The pacing as a bit all over the place I felt-it’s ok but could use some tightening here and there. The ending is nice though-it leaves it open to a sequel and I think I’d actually like to see a series of these films. See where it goes.

The BAD 

    • Oh…..Good lord. I know this is Power Rangers. I know they’ve said things like “catch ya on the flip side”. But….One of the first things the new characters say is an udder joke….About a cow. And people in my audience actually laughed at a dick. Cow joke. Dammit Hollywood. The dialogue from the teens isn’t so bad, but from the rest of the cast….It’s just awkward. And it borders on michael bay territory sometimes.
  • The CGI 
    • I’m not sure if this was a send up to the show’s CGI or costumes at least but….Oh boy. The CGI here…..Yikes. Not much to say other than this is a movie you could’ve done anything with the right budget.


If you’re a hardcore fan of Power Rangers…..I’m not actually sure this might be for you. They don’t put on the suits until late in the third act, so you only see the suits twice. Rita is a bunch of fun, and Brian Cranston as Zordon is amazing. Alpha 5 is a nice upgrade from the show-I thought he was super annoying there. The characters are amazing. They really are……..For Power Rangers. The action scenes are cool, the pacing is awkward, the cgi is terrible, the soundtrack is nice. But for me, what makes the movie work, and kept me invested, were the characters. I think if you want to get into Power Rangers, this might be it for you-it’s a good starting point but it doesn’t quite prepare you for the campiness of the originals as well. If you’re the Joann and Cleatus of movie goers-it’s fine. If you’re looking for a fun romp with this blast from the past, then that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Power Rangers 2017 gets a 3/5 from me-it’s not terrible, not great. Just a pretty average ride.

Who is your favorite Ranger? And what was your favorite iteration? Let me know below.


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