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Finding Dory movie review


13 years ago, Pixar released (to me) it’s all time greatest film; Finding Nemo. Toy Story had set the bar and Nemo had completely surpassed it. It seemed like that was it-in a world where sequels were on the rise, Nemo would be one of the few that was just by itself.

And now we’re presented with Finding Dory; a companion piece to Finding Nemo. And I have to say…after thirteen years of waiting….it’s well worth the wait.

What’s the story? Well a year has taken place after the events of Finding Nemo. Marlin, Nemo and Dory are back in their nook of the world, when suddenly while on a school field trip, Dory’s memory is triggered and is on a desperate search to find her family. Marlin and Nemo are taken along for the ride as they must cross the ocean once again to the “Jewel of Morro Bay”; a Marine Life Institute. Along the way, it’s Dory this time who meets a cast of colorful characters on her journey to find home.

Literally there’s nothing wrong with this movie so let’s just talk about all the good stuff. There’s a lot.



    • Once again, the characters are incredible. I’ll talk about the new ones first-Bailey the Beluga Whale, Destiny a whale shark, two seals, and Hank an octopus with only seven legs, are all funny and well written-each contributing it’s own way to help Dory. My favorites were Hank and Destiny. Hank was a scene stealer. The old crowd make a welcome return-Crush the now 151 year old sea turtle provides the means to get to California; the East Australian Current once again.
      • Marlin. I could really write an entire separate article on this character and Dory. About how this film is a huge double character study. Because his character isn’t perfectly reformed and changed after his trip across the ocean. Sure he’s a bit less stern, but he still goes into manic states, and is still overprotective-and even tries to deny things he’s done. To see him grow completely and utterly as a character-to see him take fault and responsibility for those he hurt and done, is really refreshing. Marlin here finally admits some things that he couldn’t have done before due to pride, and thus grows. There’s a wonderful scene in the pipes, and another wonderful scene with him and Dory towards the end. It’s these two scenes that SHOW you how much Marlin has grown and changed.
      • Dory. Dory here is the center of the film. Unlike most main characters where (while they have good personalities) for the most part they’re just okay-it’s the side characters that take over and become more interesting. Here, Dory doesn’t suffer that. She completely holds the film, and Ellen does a wonderful job selling both the serious heart wrenching drama scenes Pixar is best at and the comedy Pixar is known for. What’s interesting about her character, is while you can understand Dory’s plight of her memory problem, you can also understand why certain fish would get annoyed, particularly with Marlin. She’s certainly an all around interesting character.

Finding Dory 2016; Ellen DeGeneres with dr Andrew Stanton

    • Once again, everyone brings their A Game here. Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres and Andrew Stanton return as Marlin, Dory and Crush the turtle. Ty Burrell voices Bailey, the Beluga Whale, Eugene Levy is Charlie, Kaitlin Olson is Destiny the Whale Shark, and Diane Keaton voices Jenny. Ed O’Neil voiced Hank the octopus. The emotional scenes are so well acted, and every line was just well performed. At least this time I knew immediately who Dory was. After Finding Nemo had premiered….Sad to say that it took me a long, LONG time before I would realize who Dory was voiced by. Once again, with voice acting, as you see above this paragraph, actors don’t have much to go on other than a few photos, maybe a few barely rendered scenes, and their own instincts. They have to really rely on their director and themselves to bring these characters to life.
    • At this point it’s almost pointless to talk about Pixar animation. Even their most disappointing, pointless films have had great to stunning animation. The way animation can capture so many emotions on the face in the span of seconds fascinates me. When there were extreme close ups of Dory you could see she doesn’t have scales like Marlin or Nemo her skin is different. She also still has the scars from her and Marlin’s run in with the Jellyfish Forest. The lighting from the Kelp Forest was nice and eerie, and the aquarium looked great and how they all managed to get to the different exhibits and how those looked was great too.
  • The SCRIPT
    • In some ways…this film is in fact better than the first. In one important way, is the script. Here the characters are given more time to just breathe, and let you experience the journey. With the first, there was a simple goal-find Nemo. It’s a fine goal, and the movie is still to me Pixar’s best yet…sometimes it felt a bit slow, and the message a bit hammered in. it’s a good message, but maybe I’d skip when a moment when they’re in the whale, or when they’re talking to the turtle. Here? I’d skip the first 5 minutes-I’d start the movie when they’re getting chased by this giant squid-after Marlin yells at Dory for putting Nemo at risk and his son in shock, it’s Marlin who sets this journey into motion. The way the characters interact with each other is great-nothing felt forced, nothing felt too rushed or not worked on enough…There’s a saying that if you have to tell your story through flashbacks you’re doing something wrong in film…but here…it works because it adds to the mystery of the film. There were about 3 powerhouse scenes; when Dory finds out what happened to her parents and goes into shock (I’ll explain later), when Dory and Marlin and Nemo are in the pipes, and a scene revolving around her parents and shells.
    • There’s this scene where Dory is with other blue tang and Marlin and Nemo. She finds out what may have happened, through Marlin who has to unfortunately explain it to her. She then goes into this state of shock-I’m not sure how but through animation PIXAR did this amazing “Double vision” you often see in film when people are about to black out. It then becomes this incredible Point of View shot where Dory can’t hear a thing going on around her until she’s back into the ocean in front of the institute. As someone who’s had a few panic attacks here or there….that scene was spot on-you feel out of control you don’t pay attention to anything going on around you, you just try to think of a way to calm yourself down. That whole scene is one of my favorites in the film.


Like with Finding Nemo, while there’s a lot to talk about in Finding Dory review wise, not so much since…it’s so good. It’s easier to talk about the bad films than the good-with the good you say what’s good and move on. With bad films, you can just clamor on and on and on. This film builds upon this universe in a good way-the returning characters contribute to the story in unique and important ways. And they address a lot of Marlin’s issues as a character from the first film over here. There are some things that might annoy people-the first ten minutes feel strikingly familiar and Marlin’s constant going on and on about their journey can get annoying but this is thirteen years since people may have seen the first; maybe Pixar felt they needed to be reminded of Finding Nemo. All in all, it’s just as perfect as the original.

Is it BETTER than the original? Welllllllllll………………

For now….I’ll just go ahead and give it 5/5 stars how about that?


Comment below what Pixar movie is the BEST of the best?

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